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Written by Deepak

PubG Mobile has been banned in India since last one year. And the fans have been waiting for the official release of the India candidate which is now named as Battleground Mobile India. Though may of the users have managed to play the global version using VPN.

So, there’s no more waiting for all the users. PubG has allowed Early Access for their mobile game, and it’s available through play store. No more hacks needed. The BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Early Access can be accessed from Google Play Store on first come first serve basis.

And if you are eager to get your hands on the Pubg India version, all you need to do is follow these steps (Applicable to Android users only).

  • Open this url and sign-up as a Tester.
  • Once signed in, visit the play store and download the Beta version of Battleground Mobile India
  • You can search it on play store or click this link

What happens once you download and start:

  • When you log into Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), you’ll prompted to create a new character.
  • Once character is created, the game asks you to set a new name for your character.
  • After that, the game prompts you the Data Migration request.
  • Under this migration, your data from Pubg Mobile is migrated to BGMI.
  • Remember, in order to work, you are required to sign-in via same way you used on PubG (like Facebook, Twitter).
  • Once done, your access to PubG mobile (official app) will be disabled and all your data (ranks, points, avatar, inventory, and more) are imported to BGMI.


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