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Written by Deepak

Looks like all the efforts of PubG Mobile getting back in India keep on delaying. The last we heard was the news that PubG has dropped Tencent and approach the Indian government for approvals. But it has been constantly being pushed ahead. Hope it returns sooner as the ban didn’t make any sense since day one.

Meanwhile, if you wish to get the latest version and play there’s a way to do that. All you need is the latest version of PubG and a working VPN.
VPN is needed so that the resources don’t get blocked by the ISPs.

Follow the steps in sequence to get the game working :

Step 1: Use any VPN of your choice or try this from Google play store Link:

Open the VPN and chose a non-Indian Location but make sure it is nearest to India or somewhere.  If you don’t then your download speed may get affected.

Step 2: Download the latest version of PubG mobile global from the official website. This is the official link from the PubG Mobile Website (but you won’t be able to see the download unless you are on VPN). Even if this link does not work for you, turn ON the VPN and head to There in the website header, you can see a download button (which triggers the .apk file download once clicked)

Use this link:

Step 3: Login using Facebook or Twitter( I’m not sure about Google Playstore sign-in)

Step 4: Once logged in,  chose your assets to want to download like Livik,  Payload Map,  and more.

Step 5: Give it a try by running a match. If the game throws you out before the start of the Match,  please open the VPN and disable it. You may not need it. 

Troubleshooting if game kicks you out:

  • Prefer using a WiFi connection
  • Even in Wifi,  if you keep getting dropped from the game try toggling the state of VPN from ON to OFF or reverse it.
  • Try disabling GPS.
  • Most JIO users will face some kind of network issue, so better to use a VPN.

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