How to enable Wifi Calling in OnePlus Android Phone?

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Jio and Airtel Telcom launches Wi-Fi Calling Service. The benefits of Wi-Fi Calling is that it allows you get a stable and clearer call connection. You do not face network down or congestion issues if you have active Wi-Fi connecting connected. Plus, it is free (for JIO, it is really Free) has illustrated steps to activate the feature on standard supported devices, as shown below. (image source:


All you need is to find the “Wi-Fi Calling” setting in your phone’s setting section and enable it.

OnePlus “Wi-Fi Calling” feature is in dev mode and behind a device toggle. And OnePlus is also not enlisted by

First you’ld need is to enable Developer Options

  1. Now Go to Phone’s Dialer and Press: “*#800#
  2. Your phone will prompt you a warning (Read carefully) and Tap on Enter at your own risk wifi-calling-warning
  3. Once done, Tap on OnePlus Logkit
  4. Search for Function Switch
  5. Look for VoWifi switch and tap on it to Enable it. (your phone will ask to reboot, let it reboot)
  6. Now once the phone boots back, Go to Phone Settings
  7. Select Wi-Fi & Internet
  8. Select SIM & network
  9. Search and Tap on Wi-Fi Calling under “Enhanced Communications” heading.
  10. Enabling the Wi-Fi Calling option will ask you to choose your Calling Preference for Wifi or Cellular.

And you are done. Now during calls, enjoy the support of WiFi calling.

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