Fix Audio Issues on PubG mobile In India

Written by Deepak

As you all know that Pubg Mobile is officially blocked in India, all thanks goes to government of India.

Since the block, PubG has been blocked by some of the Internet Service Providers (ISP), where you cannot open the official pubgmobile website. And few can download the game using a VPN or sharing the APK, but then face issues related to audio chat where they can’t interact with their team members.

Well, there’s a simple one-line fix for that. All you need is to change the public DNS for your device.

The other shortcut to this would be using a VPN or DNS app, which changes your public DNS to something like google’s or Cloudflare app like DNS.

So the manual way is working for many of the folks. Below are the steps for Android Mobile users. iPhone users can find the same in their network settings and use the same value.

  • Go to Phone settings, where you can see the Network settings. [Settings > Network Settings]
  • Search for an option that allows you to set DNS. [Private DNS]
  • Add a manual entry: “
  • Save the changes and restart your game.

This is one time change. There’s no harm in using it permanently. Once you set this, your device uses Google’s public DNS to find the websites.

And if this all feels annoying, go for a VPN. But do remember, VPN’s aren’t always free.

Read more about Google DNS:

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