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Motorola launches Keylink – a phone and key finder.

Motorola, just launched a small mobile phone accessory which pairs up with your devices via Bluetooth; So, you can easily find your keys or phone, without much effort.

Motorola Keylink is splash-proof device, with battery that can last a full year. And its powered by a standard coin cell battery, easily available anywhere. And is priced at $24.99 on Motorola’s site.

Motorola Keylink can be used with both Android as well as iOS devices running Motorola Connect app.

Using the Keylink you can ring your phone anywhere up to 100 feet. Or you can use the app to see where your keys are on a map.

On devices running Android Lollipop, you can also use Keylink as a trusted device to unlock your devices without the need of password, when they are nearby.

Buy Now: Motorola’s official website.

This accessory is almost similar to HTC’s Fetch.

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