What is Google Contributor ?

Google recently launched a program called Google Contributor as an experiment, where It asks users to pay a very small amount of money to replace advertisement from the participating websites which use Google Ads.

Its just an experiment to check, is the user really willing to pay $1-3 a month, to remove ads from the sites, he visits regularly.

Internet is free source of information, but its also needs money to keep running. This is where, advertisements play their role.
Website authors, owners earn from the advertisements, you see on their websites.

And Google is trying to do the same thing, but in-spite of advertisement, its asking you to pay small amount of money on a monthly basis, until the experiment.

How it works ?
Suppose, if you don’t want to see ads on your favorite website, and you are willing to pay a small monthly fee to help support the site, then you can sign up with Google Contributor service.

So, when you visit a participating website, part of your contribution goes to the creators of that website. In this way, they get paid for their content.


What happens with the ads on the website ?

The ads don’t go anywhere from the website, they are just replaced with a pixel pattern “Thank you” message, as shown above.

Some of the websites like Mashable, The Onion, Imgur, Science Daily, WikiHow are currently participating in this program.

Want to signup to this program ?

Currently, signing this programs, requires an invitation from Google Team.
To join this program, you need to visit their Contributor site, and register yourself for the invitation.

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