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Lenovo – The first dual-screen Android smartwatch

Written by Punit

At its TechWorld event in Beijing, China today, Lenovo has introduced a new concept smartwatch that aims to address some of the main pain points of that product category. In addition to the main circular display, the Magic View smartwatch incorporates a second screen between the watch face and strap, using a technology Lenovo calls a “Virtual Interactive Display.”

The Smart Cast concept in the Magic View can project a large virtual touch screen on to a table or surface to create a larger than life experience that “opens up a whole new world of interaction” with the possibility of “typing on a virtual keyboard.”


Lenovo explained that the second screen removes the physical limitations of the main screen by using optical reflections to produce a virtual image 20 times larger than the watch face. Showing off a few use cases Lenovo, demonstrated using the second display to project a bigger map, photo slideshow and even play a video.

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  • Frankly, I don’t see the reason for it. It is a nice gimmick, but what is the point of dual screen on smart watch?

    I mean, we still don’t utilize normal smartwatches to their full potential, yet companies produce even more gimmicky product. We need to a find a way to utilize existing products much more, or the market of smartwatches will be in downward trend forever.

    There is so much potential for innovaion, tho…

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