An iPhone bug is causing phones to crash when a text message is sent

Written by Deepak

A new bug has been discovered in iPhone, which is making them crash using a simple text message.

According to some users on Reddit & Twitter, they received a strange ‘string of some Arabic and symbolic characters’ in a text message, which is consequently causing the Message app to crash while in some cases even the phones automatically shutdown and restart.

As reported on Reddit, below is the screenshot of the post.



Iphone Bug (Img Source:WDJ)

As per a post form Mashable,

The good news: If you received the text sequence, you can undo the damage by replying with a message. In addition, if you have a Mac with iMessage enabled, you can open the message and reply to the sender this way, too.

While Apple has said in a statement, that they are aware of the issue and would make a fix for the bug in next software update.

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