Canva Rolls Out a New Paid Subscription for Colleges and Universities

Canva Rolls Out a New Paid Subscription for Colleges and Universities
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Following the success of Canva for Education and Canva for Teams, the designing giant has launched yet another paid subscription – Canva for Campus. An academic variation of Canva for Teams, the new subscription is geared towards catering to colleges and universities. Canva for Campus grants students and faculty members full access to the platform’s suite of tools.

Our aim is to create a natural pathway for students to become advocates and catalysts for adopting Canva in their future workplaces.Canva

The new subscription model is very similar to Canva for Teams, a paid subscription launched in 2022 for workplaces. It comes with the same features, including the whole Visual Suite on the platform. These include data visualization, Canva Whiteboards, Canva Websites, and Canva Docs. It is now available to all higher education institutions around the world.

What does Canva for campus offer?

Canva for Campus offers access to the entire suite of tools on the platform, including millions of stock images, videos, audio, infographics, reports, presentations, etc. Canva for Campus segregates users from each institution into several teams – students, teachers, administrators, staff, and so on. The subscription covers 1TB of storage for each team.

Much like Canva for Teams, each team on Canva for Campus can use the whiteboard collaboration tool to brainstorm and provide real-time feedback.

The latter also allows team members to create group projects and lectures. Certain features will be available exclusively to teachers and staff, such as accessing analytics dashboards and approval workflows.

Integrations like BrightSpace, Blackboard, Canvas, and Schoology will enable professors to share assignments with students seamlessly.

Students automatically gain free access to Canva for Campus once a certain number of staff licenses are purchased.

Additionally, the Brand Kits covered in the subscription also make Canva for Campus a valuable tool for marketing teams. Users can create branded templates for student enrollment documents, newsletters, and social media posts by uploading brand logos, colors, and fonts.

As revealed by the platform’s co-founder and chief product officer Cameron Adams, only the staff accounts need to be paid for. This threshold depends entirely on the student population. An institute with 5000 students, for instance, would have to buy 60 staff licenses.

An upgraded version of Canva for Education

The new subscription model is an extension of Canva’s other academic subscription – Canva for Schools. Available free of cost to K-12 (primary and secondary) teachers and their students, it offers access to premium features on Canva. These include editing features, access to images, videos, animations, educational templates for any subject, etc.

Canva for Education aims to promote collaboration and creation and can be integrated with other classroom tools.

Canva for college is essentially an upgraded version, offering more features and catering to business needs alongside the academic aspect.

According to the company, Canva for Education currently has over 30 million students around the world. Unsurprisingly, Canva came up with a paid version for higher education.

As the platform continues to expand its suite of products and cater to businesses, job postings requiring applicants to have Canva experience have also increased. Its relevance in the professional space has grown to the point that there are online courses to help college students learn to use Canva.

At such a time, Canva for Campus is going to be very beneficial to students and help bridge the gap between school and the workplace.

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