Why SingularityNET (AGIX) Crypto & These Cryptos Pump as Market Sees Drops-off

Why SingularityNET (AGIX) Crypto & These Cryptos Pump as Market Sees Drops-off
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The crypto market enjoyed a wonderful first month or so of 2023 as it saw rapid growth that helped combat the bleak last few months of 2022. Now that the market has started to cool off a little, investors need to be more precise with what projects they chose to get behind. 

SingularityNET (AGIX) is one such project but we also discuss the exciting presales of coins like Fight Out (FGHT), C+Charge (CCHG), and RobotEra (TARO). These all provide investors with opportunities to get involved with projects that are likely to survive the market drop-off and pump all through 2023.

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Why SingularityNET can pump through the market drop off

When we are looking for cryptos that can survive through a market drop off we must become much more diligent with our research. Really analyzing a project’s long-term capabilities can help give you the edge and find a cash cow that pumps before the rest of the market cops on.

With so much talk around AI these days with the popularity of sites like ChatGPT it is time to look at crypto projects that incorporate AI into their ecosystem. SingularityNET is a project that allows different AI projects to develop and cooperate on their site. It can basically be a breathing ground for AI innovation.

Utilizing their blockchain technology to allow this means that AI technology should be much more accessible to everyone. Singularity is actually a token and not a coin, holders of AGIX will get to vote on decisions the network makes. As we can see from the chart AGIX has enjoyed steady growth throughout 2023 so far and that looks set to continue throughout the year.

singularity net crypto price

With the delay and cost implications that users of ChatGPT and other sites are now facing, SingularityNET should become more and more popular due to accessibility. We also have three other cryptos we are expecting to pump all through 2023. Let’s take a look at them now.

Fight Out- Exciting M2E coin that’s flying through presale 

Fight Out (FGHT) is just about to pass the $5 million raised mark of its presale, and with under a month left now excitement is building. The price increases every 12 hours and commotion is really building as experts and whales have begun to get involved.

Fight Out aims to change the fitness industry by solving the issues that physical gyms and fitness have by combining the best parts of both. They will use smart technology through their app to gain a picture of their user’s health and fitness. From here, they will be able to create personalized workouts that take into account all their client’s needs. 

Fight Out even offers the chance to their users to earn their native currency, REPs, if they complete the fitness challenges set out to them. REPs can be used in their online store, to pay for a personal trainer, and to pay for a gym membership in one of their new gyms that will be popping up all over the world.

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C+Charge- Experts advise buying this green crypto before the presale ends 

Since C+Charge has started burning tokens we have seen the presale raise funds at a rate of knots. We are now in stage 5 and nearly 2,000,000 has been raised with 30 days still left for early investors to get involved. The price will now also start going up weekly so potential investors should act as soon as possible.

C+Charge looks set to be the hottest green crypto of 2023. They will reward electric vehicle (EV) drivers for doing their bit to help the environment with carbon credits. Drivers will get the credits in the form of NFTs every time they use C+Charge’s peer-to-peer payment system that allows them to pay with native CCHG tokens.

The C+Charge app also has some other very useful features. Their live map will have the location and status of nearby charging stations which will be a relief to EV drivers who will have experienced the difficulty of trying to locate where to avail of a charge in unfamiliar areas. Lastly, the app will give the drivers feedback on their car and notify them when they need a service. 

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RobotEra- Exciting P2E Metaverse game that gamers will love 

The Metaverse looks like it is gaming’s next biggest revelation and blockchain gaming looks like it will dominate that landscape. There are so many P2E games now however that they have become vulnerable to the dreaded pump-and-dump scenario. That’s why investing in projects like RobotEra that look like they are not just built for now but for the future is a good option.

Unlike other P2E games, RobotEra is not just fun but addictive. The game takes place on the destroyed planter of Taro and players must work to rebuild their section of land. They will do this through their robot NFTs who will move around and interact just like humans so players will never get bored exploring the Metaverse.

The standout feature of RobotEra is the unlimited revenue streams. Players spend the in-game currency, TARO, just like cash in real life. So, the goal is to build structures that players will want to visit and pay money to enjoy on your land. Nothing is off limits and construction isn’t the only activity, even running for president can be an option for those players that may crave some power! 

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Many fear that the bull run that the market experienced at the beginning of the year is beginning to cool off. This is why we have taken extra care to pick some projects that we believe have strong underlying features that can persevere through any cooling-off period.

SingularityNET seems like one of those tokens but we are even more confident that Fight Out, C+Charge, and RobotEra are cryptos that will pump fast and consistently. The fact that they are all available at presale and at low-low prices sweetens the deal as investors need not worry about risking too much capital but will still see big returns.

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