Alibaba withdraws investment from AI company SenseTime

Alibaba withdraws investment from AI company SenseTime
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Alibaba’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Taobao Holding Limited, has sold all its stake in SenseTime, a Chinese company focused on artificial intelligence. In response, SenseTime assured that its business operations and partnerships remain unaffected. SenseTime is one of the largest AI software companies in Asia and a leading computer vision software provider in China. Currently, the company is focusing on the development and commercialization of large language models (LLM). During this year’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference, it showcased its LLM named “SenseChat” with semantic understanding and long-form dialogue capabilities, along with other other AI products. Since April of this year, Alibaba has reduced its stake in SenseTime. Currently, SenseTime is backed by investment firms such as Singapore’s sovereign fund Temasek and SoftBank. [SenseTime filing, in Chinese]

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