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Written by Deepak

Google Maps have a new feature that allows you to share your real-time location with your family and friends. This is very helpful when you want to constantly keep an eye on your family member’s location, like younger brother, sisters or kids or even for senior citizens.

You can choose the time-range of minimum to maximum duration you would like to share your location. Say you can opt to share it for 15 minutes or you can also choose an option where the location is visible until you turn it OFF manually, till that time your real-time location will be constantly shared with your added contact.

To make this thing work, all you need is next contact’s Gmail email address, so they access it on their Google Maps app. You can enable this feature from Google Maps Mobile App and then their location is viewable on Desktop browser and also on your mobile app.

Steps to activate this feature:

  1. Get your contact’s Email address and add it to your Phone Contact
  2. Open Google Maps app on your smartphone and sign-in (if you haven’t)
  3. Tap on the Hamburger Menu icon on Top-Left side Hamburger and then again Tap on “Location sharing” 
  4. On new screen, you would see a new icon with Contact icon Add Contact
  5. Once you tap on above option, Google Maps will ask you the time-range you want the location to be shared for and an option to Select the Contact with whom you want to share. You can then choose the contact from your Contact-list. Once the contact is selected, click on Share.
  6. You can even can share the URL via third-party apps like WhatsApp and other.
  7. Once done, you and the next contact will get an email saying the location’s have been shared.



Now whenever you want to check their location, just get onto Google Maps and see their location. Similarly you can request them for their location on the same page.

It comes handy when your family member is exploring some new area and you want to guide them the directions sitting at a different location or other city.

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