How to repair bad sectors from Harddisk and memory card.

Have you ever faced an issue with hard disk and memory card which restricts you from accessing a whole drive? This issue, later on, turns out to be a bad sector in the memory. Issues like these can easily be sorted out using inbuilt windows tools.

Ever noticed that whenever you purchase a memory storage of xyz size, you don’t get the storage of specified size,  it is somewhat lesser than told! Why does this happen? This is because the manufacturers like to keep some extra sectors in such cases which can be used later on. So for example in layman’s terms if your hard disk is having 100 sectors and you get 80 working sectors in it. (Remember you don’t get the whole size in any case? So suppose your 50th sector is corrupt and the disk is not able to read and write from the sector. So this repair utility will check the whole harddisk sector wise and if it finds 50th sector as corrupt, it will take the memory pointer from the 49th sector and point it to the 81st sector. From 81st sector, now it will redirect the memory pointer to 51st sector. Thus, creating a different logical path for memory allocation and usage and parallelly avoiding the bad sector 50th.

So how to do this?

1)Run ‘cmd’ as administrator.

Press windows key and type and search cmd. Right click on the cmd and click on,’Run as Administrator’.

2) Type DISKPART and hit enter

Diskpart is an inbuilt windows application/utility which allows you to manipulate data and structure of hard disk.

3)Type ‘List disk’ and hit enter.

this will give you the list of all connected disks to your system

4)type ‘Select **’ – ** is the disk name can be ‘disk 0′,’disk 1’ whichever you want to repair

5) now type and hit enter ‘chkdsk drivename: /x /f /r’

chkdsk is a utility/command in windows which checks and repairs disks. It uses different parameters out of which we are going to use /X /F /R.

/F Fixes errors on the disk.

/X Forces the volume to dismount first if necessary 

/R Locates bad sectors and recovers readble information.



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