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Facebook launches a new phone dialer app for Android.

Written by Deepak

Facebook is really trying to get into your smartphone. They bought Instagram, Whatsapp, launched separate apps like messenger, Facebook Group and now, they just released a new app called Hello. Hello – is a mobile dialer app which is an alternative to your default phone dialer. And it is really backed by data collected millions of Facebook users.

Hello not only allows you to make calls, but also works as a Caller ID & blocking app. It uses the its social data, to detect the incoming/outgoing caller information and returns with the available data, may the contact be in your phone list or not.




According to Facebook, the new Hello app, makes your phone more smarter. It blocks calls from numbers, that have been already blocked by multiple users. You can search for people, places which are available on Facebook, like restaurants or more. You can even edit, merge contact details, like the default dialer.

Hello provides you direct access to view Facebook profile of a contact in a single tap, directly from the dialer. You can even make free calls and send messages using the Facebook’s messenger service, for which you need the Messenger app to be installed onto your device.

Download the app from the link shared below or head towards the Google Playstore.

Download: From Techplayce

Download: From Playstore

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