Google Canary – a Google Chrome’s beta version

Google Chrome Browser
Written by Deepak

No doubt, Google Chrome is the best available web browser. Its faster, updated, loaded and allows large number of extensions. And if you sign-in your Google Chrome browser and have the habit of keeping your sessions active like me (I never logout), then you might sometimes, feel a need of having another Chrome browser, without logging off your active sessions, for any reason. To do so, try using Google Chrome Canary, or you can download your regular version of Google Chrome from here.

Why try Google Canary ?

  • Its same as Google Chrome, hence the same experience.
  • Canary provides, all new upcoming Chrome updates, available prior to stable release.
  • The recent version of Canary brings the Google Now in the desktop browser.
  • You get to keep your session active, incase, your pc is sometimes shared with others.

Download Link:

Google Canary

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