You are not alone if you are facing these issues on OnePlus

Written by Deepak

Recent updates from OnePlus have been buggy, some messed up the GPS, while some crashed the Android Auto for few users. Here I’m listing out the existing issues on OnePlus5 devices. Do comment back if you are something new to add here.

  • Android Auto Crashes the moment you launch it [Existing since last two updates]
  • Android Auto won’t connect with your Car Unit (wired connection). During this issue when you connect your OnePlus phone to your car’s unit, the Android Auto logo acts as a dead icon, where clicking on it won’t do anything. It just freezes on car unit.
  • GPS is messed up, intermittently it loses accuracy and shows you in some other part of the city/nearby region. (Happens on Google Maps)
  • Ending the call, terminates the call but the Call Status stays in Notification Bar (it waits for next 3-5 seconds and then automatically goes away). Till then it looks like the call is still ON.
  • Random Restart of the Phone.
  • Scheduled Power-Off/On of phone won’t enable data unless you unlock the phone.
  • Fullscreen apps like PubG, sometimes don’t allow you to access the Notification bar.
  • When you are having a WhatsApp video call answered over Phone Speaker and during that call if you answer a Voice Call (Call via Cellular Operator using Phone) and end the voice Call, the WhatsApp call switches to Phone’s earpiece instead of Speaker. And there’s no way to divert the audio back to Speaker.

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