YouTube Rolls Out New Upgrades For Premium Subscribers

YouTube Rolls Out New Upgrades For Premium Subscribers
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YouTube Rolls Out New Upgrades For Premium Subscribers

YouTube has proposed to turn its ad-free version even more attractive by adding several new features. This $11.99 subscription plan will now boast better-quality video for iOS and web users. In addition, there will be support for co-watching videos on FaceTime via Apple’s Share Play. The subscription will also feature a number of controls for managing your queue on mobile devices.

These enhanced features will add more to the subscription’s appeal, making it more lucrative to the subscribers.

Through this new launch, the platform wants to break the popular misconception that YouTube Premium offers nothing but ad-free videos. The announced launch will feature a number of other additions.

For instance, users will be able to continue watching videos where they left off on any device. Furthermore, there will be a smart downloads feature meant for saving recommended videos automatically and making them available offline. The smart download feature will cater to Android users as well.

The Trial Bitrate Version of 1080p

YouTube has also proposed to roll out an improved bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality which will be available for premium subscribers who operate the platform from their iOS devices or the web. The web version will, however, initially be available as a beta. According to YouTube, this will be an ‘experiment,’ but it won’t be listed on YouTube’s dedicated experiment as of now.

This is not a pilot experiment, which facilitates subscribers to try out new features before its official launch.

It’s being said that the 1080p setting will still be accessible. However, the improved 1080p quality settings will improve the videos’ clarity and crispness. Leveraging this feature, users will be able to enjoy videos with added details and motions like never before, especially for sports and game lovers.

If this trial version turns out to be successful, it is expected to help YouTube Premium justify its namesake by offering a ‘premium’ user experience.

The proposed support for Apple’s Share Play feature (launched at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 2021) will allow users to co-view content. While other video streaming platforms like TikTok, Hulu, and Disney+ have launched support for Share Play long back, YouTube seems a little late in the scene.

YouTube is trying to project Share Play as a perk instead of common functionality.

However, by making it available for paying subscribers only, YouTube is probably trying to set the service in a different space from its rivals. This initiative is seemingly meant to challenge TikTok – the platform that introduced the concept of supporting Apple’s co-viewing feature for FaceTime users.

Besides Share Play, YouTube Premium has focused on another new feature, which gives users more control over their queue. Premium subscribers can now add videos to their queues when watching on tablets or phones. This feature allows users to decide what videos they will play next while being on an active viewing session.

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