Best Crypto Presales to Invest in 2023 | Check Out These hidden gems

Best Crypto Presales to Invest in 2023 | Check Out These hidden gems
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Crypto presales have become one of the most exciting areas of the broader cryptocurrency market. These presales enable early investors to gain exposure to high-potential projects while benefitting from discounted entry prices.

This article looks at eight of the best crypto presales to launch in 2023. We’ll explore what these projects are, how they differ from what’s already on the market, and the ways in which investors can get involved to benefit from future price increases.

Best Crypto Presales – An Overview

Finding the best crypto to buy now in the presale market can be tricky – especially since new projects are launching daily. However, we’ve done the hard work and uncovered eight of the hottest presale cryptos to launch this year:

  1. Love Hate InuOverall Best Presale Crypto with Cutting-Edge Earnings Mechanism
  2. DeeLanceRevolutionary Freelancing Platform Leveraging Blockchain Technology
  3. ecoterraGreen Crypto Project with Unique Recycling Incentive
  4. DAIS – AI-Powered Fashion Project with Sustainable Ambitions
  5. ChainGPT – New Presale Crypto Leveraging the Success of ChatGPT
  6. Chimpzee – Unique Conservation-Focused Crypto with Huge Potential
  7. Metacoms – AI-Powered Presale Crypto with Exciting Metaverse Concepts
  8. SuperFoodz – Unique Presale Project Looking to Fight World Hunger

Now let’s take a closer look at the best crypto presales to invest in – diving into their use cases, roadmaps, and value potential in the future:

1. Love Hate Inu – Overall Best Presale Crypto with Cutting-Edge Earnings Mechanism

Kicking off our discussion of the best crypto presales 2023 is Love Hate Inu. Love Hate Inu is an exciting new crypto project that aims to disrupt the online survey industry by offering something much different than the incumbents in the space. By combining a user-friendly voting process and a “meme coin” aesthetic, Love Hate Inu looks likely to achieve that goal.

Love Hate Inu’s flagship feature is its Vote-to-Earn (V2E) mechanism. This mechanism enables users to vote on polls created by Love Hate Inu’s team and other users. By providing their input in these polls, users will be rewarded with LHINU – the project’s native ERC-20 token.


As per the whitepaper, Love Hate Inu also employs a staking mechanism that utilizes smart contracts. This mechanism requires users to stake LHINU tokens for at least 30 days before being able to vote in polls. Not only does this mean poll results are verifiable, but it also means they can’t be affected by spam and bot accounts.

Since Love Hate Inu’s presale kicked off in early March, the project has attracted enormous attention from the masses – even obtaining over 33,000 followers on Twitter. Love Hate Inu’s team recently announced that meme coin legend Carl Dawkins will be coming on board as CEO. Dawkins made a name for himself by helping the Tamadoge project produce exponential returns for presale investors.


Over $3.4m has been raised through Love Hate Inu’s presale at the time of writing – and this figure looks likely to creep higher in the coming weeks. Early investors can buy LHINU tokens easily using ETH or USDT, although given the presale employs a stage-based structure, those who get involved the earliest will obtain the lowest entry price.

Interested investors can join the official Telegram channel to keep up with Love Hate Inu’s progress.

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2. DeeLance – Revolutionary Freelancing Platform Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Another exciting presale crypto to keep an eye on is DeeLance. DeeLance is a revolutionary freelancing platform built using Web3 technology. By employing this technology, DeeLance aims to create a transparent and collaborative environment where freelancers and clients can connect safely.

DeeLance’s main feature is that it’s entirely decentralized, which can’t be said about rivals like Upwork and Fiverr. Since the ecosystem is decentralized, users don’t need to worry about hefty platform fees. For example, DeeLance’s client fee is just 2% of the transaction total – far less than Fiverr’s 20%.

DeeLance crypto

Per the whitepaper, the DLANCE token will play a crucial role in the ecosystem’s operation. Clients will use this token to pay freelancers, with DeeLance implementing a blockchain-based escrow setup to protect all parties. Interestingly, since all transactions are verified on the blockchain, this removes the potential for disputes.

Another exciting aspect of the DeeLance project is that freelancers can showcase their work as NFTs. Whether freelancers produce music, website designs, or anything in between, they can make their work visible on the DeeLance marketplace. Clients can then view this work and contact the freelancer for additional tasks.

DeeLance presale

DeeLance’s presale kicked off in late March and has already been a hit – with the project’s Telegram channel growing rapidly in recent weeks. Early investors can buy DLANCE tokens for just $0.025 during Stage 1 of the presale, which is 112% lower than the stated listing price.

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3. ecoterra – Green Crypto Project with Unique Recycling Incentive

ecoterra has emerged as one of the best crypto presales for eco-conscious investors. This disruptive project offers something different from most crypto presales since it mainly focuses on promoting positive environmental change – while also providing scope for uncapped earnings potential.

According to Statista, global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reached 37.12 billion metric tons in 2021 – an all-time high. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, meaning the need for impactful eco-friendly initiatives is more significant than ever.

ecoterra crypto

ecoterra looks to make an impact here by offering a Recycle2Earn mechanism that incentivizes users to recycle. Whenever users deposit glass, cardboard, or other materials into Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), they’ll be rewarded with ECOTERRA tokens. The more a user recycles, the more tokens they’ll earn.

However, the project doesn’t stop there; it also offers several other features. Per the whitepaper, these include a carbon offset marketplace, a recycled materials marketplace, and an “Impact Profile” that tracks how well individuals/businesses are doing regarding climate change.

ecoterra crypto presale

ecoterra’s presale is still ongoing at the time of writing, enabling early investors to buy ECOTERRA tokens at a significant discount. This presale will have nine stages, each stage seeing the token price increase. With the listing price already set at $0.01, investors have a unique opportunity to acquire tokens and put themselves in line to make a paper profit.

Those interested in learning more about ecoterra can join the official Telegram channel.

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4. DAIS – AI-Powered Fashion Project with Sustainable Ambitions

A growing number of the most trending cryptos are focusing on the artificial intelligence (AI) sector – and DAIS is no different. DAIS is described as a “sustainable AI-powered fashion NFT platform,” aiming to merge Web3 technology with the fashion world.

Using NFTs and metaverse-based concepts, DAIS enables users to create the perfect wardrobe, informed by real-time data. DAIS does this sustainably and eco-consciously, ensuring users’ carbon footprints are as low as possible.

DAIS crypto presale

DAIS is the native token of the project, which uses the ERC-20 protocol. This token has various use cases, such as purchasing fashion NFTs, creating digital art, governance, and blockchain gaming.

The DAIS ecosystem will also feature a decentralized exchange (DEX) whereby users can easily buy, sell, and trade ERC-20 tokens. DAIS is in its “beta presale” phase, where early investors can buy tokens for just $0.0005. Moreover, if investors have a promo code, they can even get a 20% token bonus.

5. ChainGPT – New Presale Crypto Leveraging the Success of ChatGPT

According to The Guardian, ChatGPT reached 100 million users just two months after launching, making it the fastest-growing consumer internet app ever. Due to ChatGPT’s insane growth, many crypto presales have sprung up attempting to hitch a ride on the bandwagon – with ChainGPT being one of the most interesting.

ChainGPT is an advanced AI model that looks to address the main challenges in the blockchain/crypto space. This model offers various tools to help developers and crypto users streamline their operations. These tools include a no-code smart contract generator, a code debugger, and a documentation creator.

ChainGPT crypto presale

Aiming to be the most popular crypto to invest in this year, ChainGPT also offers an API service that allows developers to leverage the platform’s capabilities to build their own apps. At the heart of the ecosystem is the CGPT BEP-20 token, used to pay for access to ChainGPT’s tools.

ChainGPT’s presale is coming to an end, although investors will soon be able to trade CGPT tokens on various exchanges, such as KuCoin and ByBit. Given its closeness to the AI sector, this could be one of the best crypto presales to consider investing in.

6. Chimpzee – Unique Conservation-Focused Crypto with Huge Potential

Another presale cryptocurrency to be aware of is Chimpzee. Chimpzee is a first-of-its-kind project that combines passive income mechanics and wildlife conservation tactics. Thus, by participating in the ecosystem, users can generate income while saving animals.

Investors who buy CHMPZ tokens through the presale will gain access to a Chimpzee NFT passport, which provides holders with various rewards and benefits. The main advantage is that holders can earn passive income, which is distributed in additional CHMPZ tokens.

Chimpzee crypto presale

Other benefits include access to exclusive airdrops and limited-time giveaways. Importantly, Chimpzee’s team will donate a portion of any accrued profits to organizations that save animals and fight against climate change.

Chimpzee’s presale is still in Stage 1, meaning an investment of 1 USDT will net investors 2000 CHMPZ tokens. The listing price has already been set at $0.00185, meaning investors can obtain a significant discount through the presale.

7. Metacoms – AI-Powered Presale Crypto with Exciting Metaverse Concepts

Metacoms is another of the best crypto presale projects – and one that looks to create a next-generation “smart metaverse” that leverages the power of AI. The main feature of Metacoms is that it enables users to create apps and sell them in the integrated App Store.

Excitingly, these apps can be ported to the metaverse and include advanced elements like C++ coding and 3D rendering. Since users can structure their apps as NFTs, ownership will never be in dispute – and they can easily be sold on Metacoms’ marketplace.

Metacoms crypto presale

Metacoms will also offer free land parcels to early users of the project’s metaverse world. Using the project’s AI-powered building software, users can construct homes, offices, shops, and other buildings on these land parcels.

MEAC is the native token of the Metacoms ecosystem and has various use cases, such as being deployed as the transactional currency of the platform’s NFT marketplace. Metacoms’ presale is ongoing and will last until June 2023, with investors able to buy MEAC tokens using a credit/debit card or MATIC/USDC.

8. SuperFoodz – Unique Presale Project Looking to Fight World Hunger

Rounding off our discussion of the best presale crypto projects is SuperFoodz. SuperFoodz is a crypto project that looks to use blockchain technology to attack global food scarcity and fight hunger – a goal that hasn’t been focused on by any major projects in the market.

Due to this, SuperFoodz could be one of the cryptos with the most upside to launch this year. The SuperFoodz ecosystem will contain various features, such as an NFT marketplace and P2E game, that can be accessed using the SF utility token.

SuperFoodz crypto presale

Notably, 40% of the token proceeds will be donated to non-profits and charities that provide food to those in need. The pot for donations will be strengthened even more by SuperFoodz’s NFT collection, which contains 10,000 “Superheroes” that depict different foods.

SuperFoodz’s presale is still ongoing, with investors able to purchase SF tokens using MATIC, ETH, or BNB. The presale price is $0.18, while the IEO price is $0.22 – meaning presale investors can get involved at a discount.

Best Crypto Presales – Conclusion

To conclude, this guide has discussed the best crypto presales of 2023 in detail – touching on their use cases, roadmaps, and value potential for the weeks and months ahead.

Topping our list in this regard is Love Hate Inu. As a brand-new meme coin project, Love Hate Inu has already garnered massive attention on social media – creating a solid community that will prove crucial in the future.

Moreover, Love Hate Inu’s unique V2E mechanism is also set to revolutionize how crypto users can generate passive income. Early investors can buy LHINU tokens through the project’s ongoing presale, which has raised more than $3.4m in one month.

LHINU logo

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