Xbox Series X/S sales now exceed 21 million units globally

Xbox Series X/S sales now exceed 21 million units globally
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After three years on the market, Series X/S sales are creeping up on the lifetime sales of the original Xbox

Jul 3, 20232:34 PM EDT

Microsoft accidentally let it slip that the Xbox Series X/S has exceeded 21 million units in sales across the globe during a presentation at the BIG festival in Brazil.

At the event, the tech giant revealed sales figures for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One for the first time in several years. The tech giant typically keeps Xbox sales numbers under wraps, so this information was likely never intended to be widely shared.

A Twitter user named John Welfare posted a photo of a slide from the presentation, crediting Lucas Taves

Xbox Series X|S console sales are at 21M+ according to Microsoft at BIG Festival in Brazil.

Credit to @LucasTaves for this information. This is all part of an ID@Xbox presentation

— John Welfare (@Welfare_JBP) June 29, 2023

Based on what was captured, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S have sold over a combined 21 million units since their release in 2020. However, it’s unclear if this is shipped units or sold metrics. Also, Microsoft didn’t offer a breakdown of each consoles’ sales numbers. Instead, it combined the Series X and Series S together. 

Microsoft also grouped the Xbox One in with the current-gen consoles, reporting the last-gen system sold over a combined 79 million units. However, we can remove the aforementioned 21 million and assume Xbox One has crossed the 58 million mark, putting it 26 million short of the Xbox 360’s lifetime sales. For context, Sony’s PS4 has sold roughly 117 million units and the PlayStation 5 has sold 38.4 million.

Additionally, Microsoft claims that 48 percent of Xbox Series S players are new to Xbox. This is an impressive figure, especially since the Series S was designed as an entryway for new players to adopt the Xbox ecosystem. At launch, the Series S entered the market for $379 Series S, offering a more cost-efficient alternative to the more robust Series X, which costs $599.

Microsoft recently revealed a Black Xbox Series S with 1TB SSD. Offering nearly double the SSD storage, this new Series S iteration will likely draw more players into the Xbox world, especially with Starfield’s release on the horizon.

Source: @Welfare_JBP Via: WCCFTech

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