Apple reportedly developing new monitor, featuring smart home display functionality

Apple reportedly developing new monitor, featuring smart home display functionality
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Apple is reportedly developing a monitor capable of transforming into a premium smart home display when you’re not using it, according to a recent report from Bloomberg’s often-reliable Mark Gurman.

The report mentions that Apple is working on multiple monitors that will serve as successors to the high-end Studio Display and Pro Display XDR, including the previously mentioned smart display.

Is Apple working on new monitors?

I’m told Apple is working on multiple next-generation monitors, including a large-screen panel with an iOS device chip and software stack. The idea is that the screen could double as a Mac monitor and a smart home display…

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) July 2, 2023

This smart display will reportedly be partially powered by a built-in iOS chip, similar to the Studio Display and its A13 processor. However, the Studio Display’s “smart” functions are limited to its camera’s ‘Center Stage’ functionality and Spatial Audio (and its built-in camera isn’t great).

This new external monitor will reportedly offer independent smart features when it’s not being used. These features will also work when the monitor is in low-power mode. Unfortunately, Gurman doesn’t provide more detail regarding what smart functionality the display could feature. However, given the rumoured display will utilize an iOS chip, it could be capable of featuring something similar to iO 17’s ‘Standby.’

Apple revealed its new Standby feature for iPhone a few weeks ago at WWDC 2023. When the smartphone is charging in horizontal orientation, the device turns into a smart home hub. Users can customize the UI to display the time, calendar, weather and more.

Gurman says it’ll likely be a while until Apple’s rumoured smart monitor is released.

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