Torrenting Statistics You Should Learn About in 2023

Torrenting Statistics You Should Learn About in 2023
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Torrenting mainly involves downloading or streaming illegal and copyrighted materials from the internet. It is worth noting that piracy on the internet is widespread. People use torrents to get updated on the latest products and systems, from movies to series and video games blocked due to geographical location.

The media industry experience loss from pirated video, accumulating up to 230 billion views yearly and attracting 25% of the world’s internet traffic. This article will cover torrenting statistics about its influence and how users commonly utilize them for downloads. Let’s dive in.

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  1. A large percentage of internet users, about 59%, admit knowing that it is illegal to download or stream pirated content.
  2.  Research shows that The House of Dragon ranked top of pirated TV series.
  3. Downloading illegal content can expose a person to 28 times more risk of malware infiltration.
  4. Most pirates are males between 16 and 24 years old, living in an Urban area.
  5. Of all the countries in the world, film piracy is most prevalent in India, with approximately 1 billion visits.
  6. The leading torrenting region is Europe, with over 45.72% of all worldwide downloads.
  7. BitTorrent visits contributed to 33% of internet traffic in the Asia-Pacific area.

Torrent Statistics – Usage

Torrent Statistics - Usage

1. Around 28 Million Individuals Daily does Peer-To-Peer (P2P) File Sharing.

The film piracy act is ruled by peer-to-peer file sharing, where the two parties or individuals interact directly without third-party interference. Films, music, and content sharing affect the entertainment industry because people can access them online instead of buying them.

2. 59% of Internet Users Admit it is Illegal to Stream or Download Pirated Content.

According to survey reports, people in the U.S. who believe downloading pirated videos or song content illegally causes financial damage are willing to stop only 19%. On the other hand, those who don’t care that downloading pirated songs or videos makes the studio lose billions of dollars are 39%.

3. The House of Dragon is the Most Pirated TV.

In 2022, the House of Dragon drama series, which preceded the Game of Thrones series, conquered the piracy division as more people paid for it.

4. Pirated Content Was Streamed by 52.3% of Users Worldwide in 2021.

The recent trend in pirating music files is Stream-ripping music. Internet search engines can even suggest many sites for it. Depending on VPN access or location, Movies and TV shows can be watched illegally on many movie streaming sites, and films can be converted from sites like YouTube.

5. Downloading Illegal Content Leads to 28 Times More Risk of Malware Infiltration.

Software hackers design Malware to damage or infiltrate an electronic device. Data and file loss result from downloading unsafe files on your devices, causing malware attacks.

Demographic Torrenting Statistics

Demographic Torrenting Statistics

Internet users commonly download torrents. The location, purpose, and age of these users be different. Here are torrenting statistics showing how demographic affect torrenting.

6. 70% of 18-29-Year-Olds Download Illegal Music the Most, Compared to 46% of Other Adults.

Most teens and children cannot afford the online payment. So, they are more likely to do torrenting at their homes.

7. Around 800 Pirated Songs Can be Found on an Average Teen’s IPod in 2008.

According to research, 61% of 14-17-year-olds illegally downloaded songs on their devices, while 96% of 18-24-year-olds pirated content on the internet. Torrenting of music is at a high rate among teens.

8. Internet Users Aged 18 to 29 Pirate 41% of Adult Ebooks.

Research torrenting statistics indicated that 41% of adult ebooks are pirated by adults aged 18-29, the 30-44 age range pirates 47%, and 13% are pirated by 45 years and above. 16.5 million ebooks were downloaded in the U.S.

9. A Male 16-24 Years of Age and Living in An Urban Area is a Typical Pirate.

The typical worldwide pirate is 16-24 years old, a male, and lives in an urban area. College-age males, around 44.44%, are involved with online music piracy.

Torrenting Statistics by Country

Torrenting Statistics by Country

The rate of Torrenting varies from country to country. Globally, downloading of content and piracy are rising. Keep reading to learn about torrenting statistics by country.

10. China has the Highest Piracy Rates At 90%, Russia At 70%, and Thailand at 79%.

$568 million was lost by China due to piracy. Asia houses a billion-dollar software piracy industry. Only 4% of all software sold was legitimately purchased. According to the report, Piracy amounts are utmost in China at 90%, Russia at 70%, and Thailand at 79%.

11. Film Piracy is Highest in India Among the Country of the World, With Around 1 Billion Visits.

With the absence of cinema during the COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of online movie piracy and torrenting increased to 62%. Users can easily upload movies on apps and social media platforms.

12. Online Piracy Sites Visited 17.38 Billion in the United States.

Online video piracy costs America $29.2 billion each year. According to reports, the COVID-19 lockdown caused film piracy to increase by 33%. Video piracy is the reason for the loss of 560,000 jobs in the U.S.

13. There are Multiple Torrent Sites in the Netherlands.

Torrent sites, including Turbobit, Kinogo, and Pirate Bay, are hosted in Nethaland. With its relaxed piracy laws, downloading copyrighted materials is legal.

14. 45.72% of All Worldwide Downloads are Found in Europe, With the Highest Torrenting Region.

European countries are top of the chart in piracy. Research proves that bitTorrent, with 50% of the total downloads, is prevalent mainly in Europe.

15. The Rate of Streaming Site Visits in Italy Saw a 50% Increase in Early 2020.

According to the report, the COVID-19 days saw a rise in piracy in Italy, with around 66% in the last week of 2021- a significant increase from the figure in February 2020.

16. Illegal File Downloads are Prohibited in Spain if You don’t Profit from them.

In 2015, online content pirated by spainish people was 90%. Due to the problem of earning money from artists for their creations, torrenting is illegal in Spain. The Intellectual Property Law fines illegal activities by piracy websites.

17. 90% of Internet Users in Mexico Download Music Torrent Daily.

In Moexico someone pirated software summing up to $1.249 billion. But the Mexican Government has tried to reduce the piracy rate by 1% each year since 2009.

18. A fine of $100 is Given to Guilty Internet Users in Canada who Torrent Copyrighted Material.

Copyright infringement will cost a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $5000 in Canada. Canadian Government has fined around 1000 citizens so far. They have a strict copyright law that mandates that ISPs, even the ones managed by Virtual Private Networks, must save internet users browsing history and download activities.

19. BitTorrent Visits Contributed to 33% of Internet Traffic in the Asia-Pacific Area.

With an increase of up to 50%, BitTorrent traffic in the Asia-Pacific region has increased compared to other region internet use, but the U.S. and Europe have higher torrenting services.

20. Online Piracy Sites were Visited by 12.5 Billion U.S. Citizens in 2020.

The U.S. entertainment media dominate online piracy, and many people produce and consume literature in North America. Adding to that, a larger number of internet users visit gaming torrent sites. Russia ranked second according to research findings, recording 8.3 billion visits; China followed it with 7 billion visits.


The worst fate of the internet is piracy and Torrenting. People can get free software, music, and games from torrent sites. Internet users can access banned games, data, books, and files not in their home country through BitTorrent, uTorrent, and streaming sites.

But while these approaches might seem easy, laws and policies exist against piracy and torrents on the internet. Also, people can get a virus or malware in torrenting and piracy. You can only avoid these issues by utilizing internet safety measures like private networks, VPNs, and web browsers.


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