Kaspa Price Rockets With Over 100% Monthly Growth – What are The Next Cryptos Set to Pump?

Kaspa Price Rockets With Over 100% Monthly Growth – What are The Next Cryptos Set to Pump?
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Kaspa (KAS) has been making waves as a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)-powered Proof-of-Work (PoW) platform, giving an alternative to Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

And recently, it’s been on fire with a 35% weekly surge and nearly 130% climb in just a month, even during this bear market! Priced at $0.05, KAS is captivating the blockchain world with its unique approach and impressive growth.

But that’s not all! There are fantastic tokens in the market that could give you a whopping 100% or even more monthly gains too. But before we dive into these coins, let’s look at KAS’ astounding performance and ask the question of whether or not it is the best crypto to buy now?

Kaspa Grows Significantly – A Meteoric Rise in Just One Month

Kaspa’s recent rise to prominence has been attributed to its smart crowdfunding campaign! They aimed to raise $30,000 in USDT and KAS contributions to get their native token KAS listed on a top-tier exchange.

Guess what? They succeeded! This listing will boost liquidity and make KAS more accessible to traders, driving adoption and increasing trading activity.

Since the successful raise, KAS has skyrocketed an incredible 134% growth in just one month, showing that more and more investors are getting interested in the project. The team is seizing this momentum and planning a big marketing push after the listing to spread awareness and attract new users.

With all these pieces falling into place, Kaspa is set for a remarkable growth trajectory. If everything goes as planned, KAS could become a major player in the blockchain world in the coming months!

While KAS is totally rocking the market, there are some other awesome coins that are also creating a buzz and could lead to massive gains. So let’s check them out!

1. Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – The Meme Coin Sensation with a Record-Breaking Presale

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is taking the meme coin world by storm with its record-breaking presale! Recently a crypto whale splashed a jaw-dropping $850K into $WSM, bringing it to the top of this year’s hot list.

What’s fueling the hype? They’ve got a whopping 1.1 million “degens” worldwide, ready to go wild for $WSM once it hits the exchange. The team’s all about the community, taking no tokens themselves and setting aside 30% of the supply for awesome rewards, like the ongoing $50,000 airdrop divided among 5 lucky winners.

So far, the presale has raised a staggering $21.9 million, all thanks to their irreverent branding and devoted supporters. Don’t miss out on your chance! You can still grab $WSM for just $0.0328 before it hits the exchange. 

wall street memes

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2. XRP20 ($XRP20) – The Hot New Version of XRP with Innovative Features

XRP20 ($XRP20) has been making waves as a spinoff of XRP with some cool new features! Unlike the original, $XRP20 has a Stake-to-Earn feature and a deflationary mechanism that burns 0.1% of each transaction.

This scarcity, along with staking, is expected to drive up the price with steady demand.

And guess what? It’s creating a buzz already. The ongoing presale has raised over $945k in just a week. Plus, it’s priced at just $0.000092, which is 30 times cheaper than XRP’s all-time low. 

The staking rewards and deflationary supply are game-changers that could lead to $XRP20’s success. Don’t miss this elegantly designed spinoff – it’s got huge potential, and its presale momentum keeps going strong.


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3. Shibie Coin ($SHIBIE) – A Playful Crypto Fusing Barbie and Shiba Inu, Generating Hype

Shibie Coin ($SHIBIE) is a super cute meme coin project that combines Barbie and Shiba Inu! When it comes to tokenomics, it’s all about community, and 60% of the total supply is up for grabs in its presale. It’s getting lots of buzz on Twitter, too, gaining new followers like crazy!

And guess what? The presale just started, and you can buy $SHIBIE tokens for only $0.000167 – a discounted price that could lead to future growth when it gets listed on a DEX after the presale.

Even better, it’s launching right when the new Barbie movie is making global headlines, tapping into that renewed popularity! This timing and the community-driven vision make $SHIBIE one to keep an eye on. Don’t miss out on this original and hype-worthy project! 


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4. Cowabunga Coin (COWABUNGA) – Where TMNT Nostalgia Meets Crypto Adventure for Massive Gains

Cowabunga Coin (COWABUNGA) is a new, super cool meme coin for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans and crypto-savvy investors who want some serious profits! The coolest part?

Each turtle from TMNT has a role in tokenomics! Leonardo leads the 1.2 billion token presale, Donatello locks liquidity, Michelangelo handles rewards, and Raphael takes care of listings. It’s like a ninja dream team in the crypto world!

They’re aiming to raise $500,000 in the presale by selling 30% of the total supply of 4 billion tokens. So, there’s huge upside potential here, combining investment gains with lighthearted TMNT fun!

Whether you’re a die-hard TMNT lover or an investor looking for some excitement, COWABUNGA offers a totally unique opportunity. So enjoy the nostalgia and invest in this epic meme coin with real growth prospects.

cowabunga coin 2

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5. yPredict ($YPRED) – The AI-Powered Crypto Platform Taking Traders to New Heights

yPredict ($YPRED) is another crypto project making waves in the crypto market and causing a frenzy! This isn’t an average project; it’s a game-changing AI-backed crypto trading platform that gives you spot-on predictions and data accuracy. 

With AI Signals, Sentiment Analysis, Technical Analysis by AI, and more, all these useful features are at your fingertips! The hype is real, and you can get in on the action during the presale that has already raised a respectable $3.34 million.

This AI-based crypto gem has the potential for massive gains – close to the moonshot level! Don’t miss out on this trailblazing opportunity to ride the wave to trading success.

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Kaspa’s meteoric rise has been capturing attention; the real thrill lies in $WSM, $XRP20, $SHIBIE, COWABUNGA, and $YPRED. With their unique features and passionate communities, these tokens promise an exciting journey to potential profits. So hop on now and seize the crypto wave.

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