Tesla to cut prices in Hong Kong

Tesla to cut prices in Hong Kong
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Tesla will cut one-for-one replacement prices of several models to boost demand in Hong Kong on August 4, according to local media outlet Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET). The Model 3 RWD version will see a 6% price drop to HKD 320,800 ($41,159), while the Model 3 Long Range will have a larger reduction of 8.7% to HKD 364,700 ($46,791). The Model 3 Performance will see a significant decrease of 11.9% from HKD 440,335 ($56,495) to HKD 387,875 ($49,764). As for the Model Y, the RWD version will be reduced by 6% to HKD 345,100 ($44,276), while both the Long Range and Performance versions will see price reductions exceeding 11%. This marks Tesla’s second price adjustment this year, following a previous reduction in April. [HKET, in Chinese]

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