Lenovo may have an answer to the ROG Ally soon

Lenovo may have an answer to the ROG Ally soon
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The Steam Deck and ROG Ally have caused an uproar in demand of gaming handhelds, and it looks like we are about to see Lenovo joining the bandwagon really soon with a similar device called the Legion Go.

Exclusively reported by Windows Central, the Legion Go might be powered by the same AMD Phoenix processor that currently powers the ROG Ally, it will also purportedly come with a larger 8-inch display, which should make it more comfortable to view for gaming.

The Legion Go also seems to be an internal project that was leaked years ago and was more known as the Legion Play, which is a cloud-based Android gaming handheld similar to the Logitech G, however the product never made it to general availability and Lenovo seem to have revived the project to make it run Windows 11.

Prior to the ROG Ally and Steam Deck, another major brand that has attempted at gaming handhelds was Alienware, which we checked out the Concept UFO back in CES 2020 and had a really good first impressions of it, though it never made it into production and was probably cancelled due to power efficiency and performance issues back then, so don’t be surprised if the Legion Go won’t make it into production as well.

But above everything else, one thing that Windows based gaming handhelds will need to resolve is Windows itself, which still isn’t optimized for small screens, let alone its touch screen experience, and we definitely hope to see that situation improve once these devices get more common.


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