Show HN: Axilla – Open-source TypeScript framework for LLM apps

Show HN: Axilla – Open-source TypeScript framework for LLM apps
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Ax — A comprehensive AI framework for TypeScript

Ax is a collection of modules designed for creating robust AI applications. These modules can be adopted incrementally, thus providing a modular and scalable end-to-end solution.
Used together, they form an end-to-end framework for developing AI applications.


  • axgen: A framework for connecting your data to large language models
  • axeval: A framework for evaluating LLM output quality

In addition to the above modules, we’re working on the following modules:

  • axextract: A library for efficient data processing, particularly loading, transforming, and chunking documents from arbitrary sources. Most useful for applications that need to load and preprocess data for vector search.
  • axserve: A serving framework to run any LLM model (OSS or otherwise). It will also provide middleware options for user throttling, analytics, and logging
  • axtune: A library focused on fine-tuning models



The modules can be installed independently, for incremental adoption and bundle size minimization.

npm install axgen
npm install axeval


Ax aspires to deconstruct the complex paradigms of working with LLMs into manageable and intuitive components.
Our library takes a code-first approach, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and control for developers.
As a foundational framework, Ax empowers developers to build higher-level TypeScript AI features and products seamlessly.


Here is an example open source UI showcasing what axgen can do, with a short video walkthrough.



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