Pepe Crypto Price Prediction – Memecoin is exploding on Crypto Twitter but P2E coin, Tamadoge is the better by right now!

Pepe Crypto Price Prediction – Memecoin is exploding on Crypto Twitter but P2E coin, Tamadoge is the better by right now!
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Memecoins, as the name implies, are coins created based on popular memes on social media. PepeCoin is one such coin based on the “Pepe the Frog” meme. This recently launched coin has made a sensational performance in the crypto market. 

It has been trending on Twitter for a few days now, with crypto enthusiasts heavily interested in knowing more about the token. Despite this magnificent feat pulled by this meme coin, Tamadoge (P2E token) and Love Hate Inu (V2E token) are doing better on the market and are on track to more extraordinary feats seen as better investment options compared to PEPE.

This article will give a brief explanation of what type of cryptocurrency the Tamadoge and Love Hate Inu are and why it is a better investment than the meme coin. But before delving into these, we shall explain the concept of Play-2-earn and Vote-2-earn tokens to understand $TAMA and $LHINU better.

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The Play-2-Earn (P2E) and Vote-2-Earn (V2E) concept 

P2E, commonly known as Play-2-Earn, is a type of alternative cryptocurrency created by its developers as a way for investors who enjoy entertainment to earn while getting entertained. They are tokens given as a reward to an investor who participates in playing games provided on their platform hence the name Play-2-Earn.

V2E, commonly known as the Vote-2-earn coin, is also an alternative cryptocurrency based on its investor’s wants. The developers of the Vote-2-Earn coin created this coin to satisfy investors’ wants “to vote”. This platform awards tokens to its voters to reward their participation and their opinions shared on a particular topic.

Tamadoge – The P2E Cryptocurrency 

Tamadoge is an example of a cryptocurrency project that uses the P2E mechanism with its native token, $TAMA. The project consists of a digital pets game where participants play by taking care of and raising a virtual Doge using special features and skills. After raising their Doges, participants then compete with other participants with their Doges to earn $TAMA tokens for every battle they win. 

This project integrates NFTs, meme coins, play-2-earn gaming and the metaverse to create an ecosystem heavily engaged in and proven acceptable to players and investors. It recently completed its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), thus performing incredibly well in the market.  

The cryptocurrency aims to outperform coins like PEPE coin, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin by restructuring the entire crypto market for meme coins. 


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Why is Tamadoge a better investment compared to PEPE? 

  • Listed on top exchanges like the LBANK and OKX, Tamadoge is set to be listed among several other top exchange platforms, which would undoubtedly improve the growth of the token. After completing its IEO, Tamadoge has proven to be profitable by trading at a premium of over 200% above its listing price.
  • Being a member of the Ethereum blockchain, the world’s largest crypto blockchain, Tamadoge has proven to be a more excellent investment than the PEPE coin because the Ethereum blockchain is deemed a more popular cryptocurrency and even more trusted. Unlike the PEPE, TAMA underwent a presale to create awareness in the crypto market. It performed unbelievably well when it generated about $19 million in less than eight weeks to complete its presales. This performance made it one of the best presale altcoins of the year. 
  • The Tamadoge coin has a limited supply of about 2,000,000,000 tokens with over 1 billion tokens already in circulation compared to the PEPE, which has a limited supply of about 420,690,000,000,000, making the Tamadoge less available. The lesser the supply of a token, the more the demand, and the higher the value. From the values above, the Tamadoge is the less available coin making its chances for its value to increase much higher compared to the PEPE.   

Love Hate Inu – The Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Token

Love Hate Inu is a blockchain-based platform that enables users to cast a vote or share their opinion in a safe environment where they would not be criticized for their choices. It is a vote-2-earn cryptocurrency where investors earn just by casting their votes and sharing their opinions on given topics on the platform. It rewards its user with the native currency, the $LHINU token, for their participation in activities provided on the platform. 

The platform aims to create a democratic community where users participate heavily. The project is socially based, attracting the interest of socially infested people and creating a fun community for its investors. Like the Tamadoge, the LHINU is undergoing a presale where it is performing exceptionally after it generated $200,000 in just three days and over $5 million in just a few weeks since its launch. This performance shows the market’s positive reaction and its traders’ interest in the coin. 

Investors are advised to invest in the token now as the coin is expected to achieve $10 million in the coming weeks and possibly surpass it. An early investment means a token purchase at a lesser price than its higher value because the coin’s value will grow multiple-fold in the coming weeks.

The token can be acquired simply by visiting the platform’s website and clicking the “BUY NOW” button; a window will pop up asking to connect your crypto wallet to the website (the wallet should be an ETH or USDT accepting wallet and adequately funded as these would serve as the means of payment to acquire the token). After completing these steps, the tokens purchased would be made available either directly into your wallet or to be claimed from their website after completing its presale.


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Although the PEPE coin is a growing cryptocurrency, Tamadoge is the better one to invest in as it has a limited supply and a higher tendency to improve than the PEPE. The $LHINU is also advised to be invested in because, despite its present performance, it is far from its peak as it is expected to improve and perform better in the crypto market.

Tamadoge and Love Hate Inu are two meme coins with the most significant potential and the best possibility of surpassing Dogecoin to become the best meme coins in the crypto world. 

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