Crypto Price Prediction 2023 – Cardano & Ripple Price to hit $1 as Ecoterra hits $2 million in presale

Crypto Price Prediction 2023 – Cardano & Ripple Price to hit $1 as Ecoterra hits $2 million in presale
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2023 has been quite a slow-yet-steady uptrend journey for the crypto market, and it can be seen from the major players like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Cardano going up in the price charts. There is also another hint that is making investors hopeful for the community is the new coins like Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA) that have been exploding since their dawn and now have finally hit the $2 million mark in the presale. 

The forecast for the price of ADA coins over the coming years indicates that the token will likely increase in value. Additionally, given the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market, the price of Cardano may soon soar or plunge dramatically.

Similarly, there has not been concrete support for the XRP coin to hit $1, but the expectations over the resolution of the Ripple-SEC lawsuit have contributed to the altcoin’s recent growth.

This is where it gets unpredictable, as investors can’t really pinpoint if, at this time, ADA or XRP is a good investment to go for. But that does not mean the crypto market is not giving massive gains to investors. 

The revolutionary recycle-to-earn app Ecoterra is one such example of how a part of the community is now recognizing the value of emerging projects, as can be seen by its presale success.  


Ecoterra crossed $2 million: ADA & XRP still struggling to hit $1

The last three months have been a mini roller coaster ride for ADA in terms of performance. From trading at around $0.32 in the beginning of this period to trading around $0.36 in mid-January. In February, the ADA coin had fluctuated drastically, reminding us of the nightmare of 2022. 

ADA experienced a small loss at the start of March, with a drop in value of about $0.33. This decrease persisted for a few days. Midway through March, things started to change, and ADA saw a surge that increased its value to $0.37. 

However, since that time, the cost has varied between these levels. Cardano has had a bit of a difficult go over the past three months. All this clarifies, Cardano is nowhere near hitting the  $1 mark in spite of the ups and downs.

Here’s a brief rundown of the ADA price prediction from 2023 to 2026. 




$0.33 $0.80




2025 $0.86


2026 $1.17


Coming to XRP, 

Many traders and enthusiasts are waiting for its recovery, but nothing can be forecasted as long as the long-running case with the SEC comes to a conclusion. This prediction suggests that investors don’t have much longer to purchase some XRP at a discount, with today’s decline possibly offering an opportunity to purchase XRP at a reasonably cheap price.

Ripple could, of course, lose the case, but expert opinion tends to indicate that it has a high chance of obtaining a favorable ruling or settlement.

ripple price 24.04

Since more than a month ago, there has been growing optimism that this lawsuit is soon going to come to a conclusion and that Ripple will be free to carry on with its operations as usual thanks to the outcome.

However, it might be months before XRP reaches $1, so investors aiming for a quick profit may want to think about alternative cryptocurrencies.

Let’s look at the overview of the XRP pricing forecast from 2023 to 2026. 




$0.21 $0.70
2024 $0.50


2025 $0.75


2026 $0.95


Now if you are looking for an investment-worthy project that is hinting at massive gains as clear as broad daylight – it is none other than Ecoterra. 

Pre-sale tokens have shown promise for above-average gains over the past year, with Ecoterra being one of the more intriguing presale coins on the market at the moment. The eco-friendly token has already taken the crypto community by storm and raised more than $1 million in the ongoing presale. 

FOMO rising as Ecoterra secures $2 million in presale – is now the best time to buy $ECOTERRA?

Since the beginning of the presale of Ecoterra, the R2E app has been gaining quite a noticeable amount of traction among the crypto community, and now it is evident by the numbers as well.  

The $ECOTERRA token has already raised more than $ million in the presale, where it raised almost $300,000 in just 24 hours, making it a flaming example of how new crypto projects can be a way out for the investors to get the most out of this recovering phase of the market. 

However, since the presale is moving at a rapid pace, you need to hurry to take full advantage of the opportunity. $ECOTERRA is currently available at $0.0055. But given the success of the sale, it is soon going to increase to $0.007. 

To give you an idea, there is just $100,000 to be raised before $ECOTERRA enters the 4th stage of the presale, where it will increase from $0.0055 to $0.00625. Now, this is a whopping 13% rise we are talking about. 

ecoterra 7


Presale about to end soon – Get $ECOTERRA before the  price increases 

Stage 3 currently has nine days left, however, it must be emphasized that it will likely end much sooner.

Even at the current pace, the public-offered tokens may be completely sold out in less than 30 days. The fundraising run rate is quite likely to increase as the presale goes on. 

Rather than waiting for certain coins to get a boost in price, it will be a wise move to invest in the future with emerging projects. 

Now is your time to take part in growing projects like Ecoterra that are not only promising in their features but also in their numbers. 

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