Google updates Security dashboard with devices and locations

Everyone wants to be secure on the Internet. We have started sharing our personal data, accounts on various sites, devices at different locations. And we really need something like Session Manager to manage all our active sessions on various devices,browsers and more.

Google, just took a step towards this, and updated its Devices and Activity Dashboard with all new features, where it lists all the devices where, you have logged in, and your session is active, including the current session.


This list, displays all your devices and locations, you logged in last 28 days. It also includes type of device used, browser used, location and last activity time.
In each device, it provides a button to Remove the account access as well us also lists last three locations, from where your account accessed, with date and time. Strange, that some of locations in my case, weren’t anywhere near to my location, like for USA, Singapore, Ireland ! – for my Nexus 5 device, though I’m in India.

It also mentions, when this location was accessed for the first time, with blue shield icon, which can go more in detail by clicking over the down caret icon. And the information like link to Map, IP address, browser and city is mentioned again.

And in case of Android mobile devices, there is a direct link to find your device via Google’s Device Manager website.

To access these details, you need to sign-in to Google account, and need to visit Accounts Section and then Security. If you find any suspicious activity with your account, you can immediately take steps to secure your account and change password.


SecureAccountFlow UI

You can also check and view your recent account activity on this Dashboard, via Security Wizard, where you can provide recovery information, view all recent activities, Change your password, check account permissions for various websites and apps.






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