Cortana for Android leaks before its official release.

Written by Deepak

If you haven’t heard about Cortana, then its a digital personal assistant, build by Microsoft for its upcoming Windows version – which is Windows10, it will be working on phones, windows desktops, (currently its available in Windows phones by default).

In May 2015, Microsoft officially announced that, it will be bringing Cortana on Android and iOS devices soon. It hasn’t been yet officially released for Android, but you can grab the .apk and check it out.

It is named after Cortana, an artificial intelligence character in Microsoft’s Halo video game series, with Jen Taylor, the character’s voice actress, returning to voice the personal assistant’s US-specific version.


To give it a try, you will need an updated Android device. Enable allow installation from unknown sources (Find it in – Settings > Security). 

Few android users reported crashing issues, but faced any on my Nexus5.  App works like a charm, but sometimes, due to slow network connectivity, it doesn’t responds to your voice commands and returns nothing, where you need to exit it and reopen the application. The most important thing, which it misses is hands-free support like “Hi Cortana” initialization with Voice command as it is for GoogleNow, by saying “Ok Google”.

The good thing about Cortana is that, its responses are more humanly, its answers your questions, replies to your funny/lame jokes or queries, displays a search result only when expected, unlike Google Now, which always lands on search result page, if you ask it something funny or something random.

We played with Cortana, and asked few funny questions and the reply was amazing. It behaves as if you really have a Personal Secretary, reminded Donna from Suits.


We have shared some Screenshots on our Facebook page, where we spent some time with Cortana on Android and loved it.

Windows #Cortana for #Android surfaces in a leak !! We tried asking her few questions ! and she is really a personal assistant with some sense of #humor !!

Posted by Techplayce on Sunday, July 19, 2015


Download: Cortana for Android

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