Blackview MP200 Mini PC is a visual highlight on the desk

Blackview MP200 Mini PC is a visual highlight on the desk
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In addition to smartphones and tablets, at this point Blackview also sells Mini PCs. Under the label “MP200,” you get an attractive office PC based on Tiger Lake H. Our test showed that the SoC doesn’t belong on the scrap heap yet and is still easily able to keep up with the competitors.

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Under the label “MP200,” you can currently get a powerful office PC from Blackview. We evaluated its performance in an extensive test, and were surprised that an Intel Core i5-11400H is also able to compete with current Mini PCs.

As already mentioned, the processor is a Tiger Lake H chip, which offers six native computing cores. In our test, the Blackview MP200 was able to deliver a good performance for everyday tasks. Despite its aged processor, our test unit was still able to keep up in the competition with a Morefine M600. But at the same time, you also have to live with some limitations in the connection equipment, since unfortunately there is no Thunderbolt support. We particularly liked the high-quality workmanship, even though the manufacturer only uses plastic for the case. In terms of the haptics, Blackview was thoughtful in equipping the dull plastic with a comfortable surface layer. The RAM equipment of only a single 16-GB module might be questionable, since the manufacturer forgoes dual-channel operation in this way. But fortunately, the Blackview MP200 offers two SO-DIMM slots. 

We also find the storage solution of our test unit somewhat questionable. Instead of using a single 512-GB SSD, our test unit is equipped with two 256-GB SSDs, which is less than optimal and makes upgrading much harder. In addition, you have to understand that the Intel Core i5-11400H isn’t the most efficient anymore compared to more current SoCs, which is reflected in a slightly higher power consumption. However, compared to a standard desktop PC, the Blackview MP200 is still significantly more efficient.

The Blackview MP200 is currently on sale directly from the manufacturer for $399 ($599 regular price) shipped directly from Hongkong. Amazon offers it for $599.

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