Turn your Android Device into PC Remote Control

We often come across situations, where we wish, we could control our Laptop/Computer with remote, just like Television. All thanks to Unified Remote, its now possible to control your Laptop or Desktop Computer to be controlled from your Mobile Device, only thing you need is a bluetooth connection or a WiFi connection.


  1. All you need to install Unified Remote Server application on your desktop or a  Laptop.
  2. Install the client version on your mobile device, say Android.
  3. Start your server application, and then start your mobile application
  4. Scan a the server on mobile device via Bluetooth or Wifi (same Wifi)
  5. Set connect and there you are, ready to control personal computer all from your Mobile.
  6. Play Movies, songs, presentations, file explorers, browse Internet or type in using mobile, everything.



Download Links:

Server Application

Client Downloads:



Windows Phone

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