How to access Block Web Sites?

Written by Sanjeev

What is VPN?

If you are unable to access website or had been ban by the government from accessing. In many cases on YouTube and other website have restricted access to certain section and videos due to geographical and ban issued by the government for accessing it one can use VPN and even download files through VPN. There are many VPN service provider available which are cheap and even free. VPN protects users privacy by masking there IP address which makes them untraceable and unable to get hacked at public WiFi.

VPN works as a Tunnel between user and destination as a diverted routed from one location to other. So the host site doesn’t consider your current location, it considers VPN’s server location.

If you are Looking for VPN application for Laptop and PC I would recommend Opera Browser as it has in-built VPN extension and for mobile platform would recommend OPERA VPN in PlayStore and itunes.

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