How to access Skype on mobile in UAE or any country where its blocked ?

Written by Deepak

If you are unable to access website or your required service like Skype, WhatsApp has been banned by the government due to some reasons, there are multiple ways you can access it. Similarly in many cases there are several videos on YouTube which are restricted due to geographical condition or has been ban by the government.

The solution to this is accessing that restricted service by use of VPN (Virtual Private Network). One can use VPN to access the site and even download files through VPN. There are many VPN service provider available which are cheap and even free.

VPN has positive features like it protects users privacy by masking there IP address which makes them untraceable and unable to get hacked at public WiFi. Even your ISP cannot track your browsing content.

VPN works as a Tunnel between user and destination, VPN diverts access route from user’s current location to VPN Server location. So the host site doesn’t consider your current location, it considers VPN’s server location.

If you are Looking for VPN application for Desktop, I would recommend Opera Browser as it has in-built VPN option you just need to enable it from settings and for mobile platform would recommend using Orbot Android App available from playstore and ITunes.

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