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Did you ever wonder if you could really save on your medicinal bills?? Did you ever wonder ways to get generic medicine ( if you at know about generic medicine!! ). If yes, HealthKart PLUS  is one app that you need to replace all the medicines. To sum up about it in one sentence, I will say its India’s First & Only Comprehensive Generic Drug Search Engine.

Use HealthKartPlus to discover cost effective generic drugs that can substitute prescription medicine. Further, you can explore how prescription medicine works & understand the required precaution and contraindication. The application also empowers you to compare drugs by prices, so that you can choose the most cost effective generic drug for a given prescription.

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– Search & order medicines
– Place an order by uploading your prescription
– Re-order from previous prescriptions
– Check the availability of medicine near your location
– Real time price comparison
– Find alternative medicines in India
– Choose generics of the drugs
– Save your Favorite medicines and brand for future reference
– Add a medicine to the database yourself
– Over 1 Lakh drugs included in the database
– Save huge on your medicine bills
– Use as Medical Dictionary for Medical Students & Doctors

– Detailed Drug Information
– Maximum Retail Price
– Drug Manufacturer
– Drug Side Effects
– Drug Interactions
– Drug Mechanism
– Drug Contraindications
– Drug Alternatives & Prices
– Typical Usage Guidelines


Google Playstore Link : download here

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