“Not-so amazing Spiderman” Review (6/10)

Emma stone dies at the end of  the movie . Okay, I did that on purpose by mistake!!  Now that I got it off my chest, here is my review about The Amazing Spiderman 2!
As usual Spiderman movies have never been able to stand in the leagues of superhero movies in many departments this installment of Spiderman does give you pleasing action, along with the best possible CGI. No wonder if somebody says it to be one of the best!

A must watch for action lovers. Also, I feel like if we were actually present at the scene, we would really miss half of the action taking place but thanks to multiple camera angles, we don’t miss a bit while watching the slow-mo action scenes!

Spiderman is surely not one of those heavy super hero movies you would expect it to be (like batman and superman – if at all you understood Superman), its OKAY-ISH and falls in one time watch category.
Story was little dull, wasn’t much to see on the acting front but movie is properly narrated and you can see how Peter has to juggle between his “duty” and his “girl” also the way things unfold, surely makes stay put! It would have been better if villian (Jamie Fox) would have had better plan rather than being a “society left out”, Hindi dubbing was pathetic because I can vouch that I heard jhumritallaiyaa once! why do people still have to use it??

Although they break up and patch up for like 3 times, movie was still distributed and balanced with romance and action and one does simply get bored any moment. We could have seen more of green goblin though, maybe next time. The technological advancements shown in Oscorp are sure to be fantasized about .I saw the movie in 2D but watching it in 3D will surely be a better experience because one, its spiderman (the way he half flies- half hangs all over the city)  and two, for the action scene. I give it 6 stars out of 10.

PS: I still didn’t get to know from where the hell does Electro gets his innerwear from? 😉

Imdb: 7.6

Rotten Tomatoes: 54%

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