Issues with my Google Nexus 5

Written by Deepak

The much awaited Google flagship smartphone device was globally launched few months ago. No doubt, it holds very good specifications and design, but Google gives you reasons to expect more.

Even CNET awarded it best gadget of the year 2013.

Last month, I got my Nexus 5. The device came with a bunch of issues, which Google should have fixed by now,but haven’t yet. Let’s wait for next upgrade, if any.


Issues I am facing:

  • Power button hangs during use, nothing happens, wait for a moment and then its back to normal.
  • When you save new contact from dialer with country code using (+) sign, it removes the (+) when it prompts for contact name and more details on second screen.
  • Camera – not as that good as expected, also delayed focus time. (Compared it with HTC Desire 500) Check Photo Quality
  • Battery doesn’t stays for a working day, (you don’t buy a smartphone to put it on standby mode)
  • the Google Now reminder, doesn’t works as it should have, doesn’t reminds on location and when asked for given time, it doesn’t even asks for a location to be reminded of.
  • Mobile Data issue – sometimes, when in 3G, it suddenly loses mobile coverage(network), then Mobile Internet stops working, I have to disable the Mobile Internet, then the mobile coverage gets back to normal, but as soon as I re-enable mobile internet, the device starts toggling between coverage and no-coverage (Network bars, goes Zero and Full, simultaneously after 2-3 seconds). To fix this, I have to keep my mobile shut for a while (like 10 mins. or more.) and then try again.
  • Sometimes, it misses the first 3 digits from incoming caller’s number.
  • Songs end before time. Suddenly the song changes, prior to its completion.
  • Default Number doesn’t holds priority in Dialer when looking for a contact with multiple numbers, when you try to search a contact and make a call, it doesn’t calls the default number, but the number, which was saved first or you need to scroll more and see other visible numbers and select it.
  • Default music player and its widget don’t sync properly sometimes, plays different songs,and labels other song in the widget.
  • While deleting photos from Google photos,it also deletes the original pic from camera .
  • Power button – biggest issue, sometimes, power button fails, and u cannot unlock your phone, no display,no back button, nothing. Wait for few minutes, the process restarts automatically then it comes back to normal.
  • Doesn’t switches to stronger WiFi automatically, depending upon signal strength.
  • No OTG support by default for USB storage devices.

Few things that might have helped us more:

  • Could have given the option to hide the Face-Unlock display screen on locked device, it could have detected the face and logged the user in, silently.
  • Could have some inspiring features from HTC sense, like silent on flip or decreased ringtone on raise.
  • Screen orientation shortcut missing from Notification drawer.
  • No unique feature as other phones have, except for the global dialer and caller ID(which may soon be available in other phones too, after KitKat upgrade)

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  • One more major call-related issue I’m facing is that sometimes when someone is calling me, I can just hear the ringtone but nothing on screen to pick up that call itself. After the calling person disconnects the phone I get notification on top about that person made a call which lists now in Missed Calls List. Once this issue is started, it continues till I reboot my phone. This happens every now and then again and again. This is a very strange and major issue which should be rectified immediately. And lot of people are having this issue in Nexus 5, especially when the Wi-Fi is on and Network selected is LTE.

    Also, when in call, if I type certain numbers in Dialer to keep flash record of it so that I can save it after I disconnect the call, it gets disappeared immediately after disconnecting the ongoing call, unlike other phones like Samsung, HTC, etc. Also I can’t even erase the mistyped no. in dialer while on call. Eraser provision is there on dialer normally but disappears while in call!

    Its high time now and Google better come with an update to solve all such problems.

  • Some of the problems u mentioned are true.. Like the + disappearing while adding a new contact.. Etc
    But the other ones where u say that the screen goes blank.. Or u loose ur mobile coverage.. Etc.. (u gotten ur sim card checked/replaced.. I had that issue with my S2 when it had come out.. got the Sim replaced and then it worked like a charm) n other issues where say the fone doesn’t respond back.. Maybe u have a faulty piece.. Why don’t u give it to them to check it out…
    N yes I agree that even though the fone has brilliant specs for its price .. It does leave u longing for more… I was using my S2 which was running on Miui ROM… That had better customization n was more user friendly n less buggy than my N5…

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