HD – to believe or not to believe is the question!

Kids these days,get so excited with anything labelled as 1080p and what not!! but does having something in 1080p really means its the best quality thing available on the internet?? Here’s what we know about the best quality videos and fyi, resolution is not that matters.:P

All these video clarity name we use ending with p(pixels) are just the number of vertical pixels in the video.That doesnt actually mean the more the better!! So when you have a 720p,1080p video they have 1280×720 and 1920×1080 as resp resolution.No doubt that does provide a more clarity of the picture but its not everything we care about!!

When you go in the properties section of any video, you will find an information called video bitrate. This is measured in bits/sec. When you say a video has a video bitrate of 2000kbps that means the amount of information(new) shown on the screen in every sec is 2000kbits. Same goes with the audio too. The more is the audio bitrate the better is the sound output of the video.The audio output is in audio channel i.e different paths/sources the audio being given out.


So how do you what is what ? and what to believe and what not to?(in terms of hearing). The best video+audio combination as of now available is 4k.You can watch the some demo videos here,but, to watch this in true sense you need a 4k supporting display and audio system. These are just some demo videos about timescape,nature. As of now, rarely a full feature movie is shot in 4k.So what to look when you are downloading/purchasing a movie you want to be the best?
Currently, blu-ray is the best viewing format available for movies and its discs are supported by blu-ray player.These are typically 20-25GB movies which 6channel dolby digital sound and 1080p resolution with both audio and video bitrates scaling upto 6-10Mbps.(Yes,you heard it right!!) That means when you play a bluray movie 10MB data is processed per sec. Uploader uploads this you know where and you can download this from the same.But, there are people who what this is less size and hence comes the term RIPPING and DECODING.Here, few talented set of people(you know who) download the movie rip and encode it and reduce its size from 20-25gb to 2gb-4gb, precisely maintaining the current resolution and upload it again to you know where.This is what reduces the video,audio birate of the original video. So a XYZ 1080p BLU-RAY 5.1AAC/AC3 DTS x264 movie is turned into XYZ 1080p BRRip. 😛
Hope this article provides you insight of what to download and what is better.

PS: Not all 1080p videos are true 1080p! Ever noticed the black bars at the top and bottom? These are not actually overlapped on the video content, but are counted in the actual resolution! What looks 1080p is actually 900p.

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