Zigazoo Introduces An Exclusive App For Children Above 13

Zigazoo Introduces An Exclusive App For Children Above 13
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The TikTok-style video-sharing app, ZigaZoo, has announced the launch of a gen Z targeted unique application. The proposed application has its launch scheduled on March 25, 2023. Identical to ZigaZoo Kids, this updated video thread-style platform won’t entertain comments on posts. Rather, short-form videos can be used to respond to each other’s content. The ZigaZoo authority believes that this step will help reduce trolling and toxic comments.

Since this new application will allow 13+ users, it won’t require any parental consent like the ZigaZoo kids.

There will also be the leverage of answering video-oriented prompts like “how’s life,” “who else enjoys dolling up like Lopez,” etc. The new ZigaZoo app will come with several safety features.

They include human-in-the-loop moderation, positivity-promoting algorithms, optional private accounts, and so on.

What’s more, it will sport a direct messaging feature powered by auto-moderation software. This feature is expected to challenge TikTok as the platform has recently removed the direct messaging option for minor users (less than 16 years).

Other ZigaZoo Features

Some other proposed features of the ZigaZoo gen Z app will include trending sounds, searchable music, and making ‘Vibes’ (Videos that users can respond to). However, on ZigaZoo kids, the ‘Vibe’ video feature will remain limited to brands and verified creators. Initially, ZigaZoo will feature a chosen group of creators.

The users will be able to browse through different dance and music videos, gaming memes, fashion content, etc.

It’s being said that the list will include the Netflix reboot cast “That 90s Show,” hyped Tiktokers like Alana Clements and Nick Bencinvengo, actors like Kale Culley, Ava Kolker, etc.

ZigaZoo has also proposed to launch entertainment channels with creators leading the content. According to the ZigoZoo CEO, this all-new platform will help users enjoy a non-toxic environment and challenge other toxicity-promoting media platforms. ZigaZoo won’t entertain cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

Team ZigaZoo believes this initiative will help prevent the spread of inferiority, depression, and anxiety in social media users, which will probably lead to holistic social media detoxification. According to Ringelstein, the social media verse is witnessing a moment of major reset. TikTok will probably get banned, and Meta and Snapchat are already experiencing significant losses.

Given this critical scenario, there should be a more attentive approach to social media. People should have access to a place to unwind and feel good about themselves.

We want to see a better social media, less toxic social media, and I think the time is really ripe for this moment. So we’re really excited about our launch. Zak Ringelstein, Zigazoo co-founder

The app will dedicatedly cater to gen Z’ers who are craving an authentic, positive, and bias-free social media environment.

The Development of ZigaZoo

While Tiktok emerged as a successful video-sharing platform, several data collection and national security-related questions somehow obstructed its popularity. Millions of TikTok users started to look for a viable alternative to their favorite app. Leveraging this loophole, ZigaZoo emerged. Introduced in 2020, this application targeted young children to help them stay entertained during the period of lockdown.

ZigaZoo currently has more than 3 million installs, 250+ renowned and verified creators, and brands like Netflix, WWE, Mattel, etc. 

Initially, the application was meant for kids aged between 3-12, and gradually it developed a user base of 10-14 years old. CEO of ZigaZoo, Zak Ringelstein, wisely captured the turbulence around TikTok’s future and switched things by transforming its current platform as ZigaZoo Kids. For users 13 and older, a new version of ZigoZoo will now be introduced.

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