YouTube Testing 1080p Premium (Enhanced Bitrate) For Google TV and Android Devices

YouTube Testing 1080p Premium (Enhanced Bitrate) For Google TV and Android Devices
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YouTube is set to look even better on Android and Google TV platforms. Google is reportedly testing a 1080p Premium version with enhanced bitrate for its platforms for mobiles and TVs after it announced the new video quality tier as an “extra crisp and clear” version for its 1080p resolution videos.

The feature was earlier exclusive to the iOS version of the YouTube app, and could be availed through the YouTube Premium subscription. However, according to a new report, Google is now testing the feature on Android smartphones and Google TV, with a limited set of users receiving the feature on a free plan.

YouTube Testing 1080p Premium For Google TV and Android

What is YouTube 1080p Premium (Enhanced Bitrate)?

YouTube now has a 1080p premium tier that improves the video quality of existing 1080p videos with higher bitrate. The videos do not have additional pixels, but the depth of information per second is now higher. Bits are essentially data units behind digital content such as videos. Bitrate, measured in bits per second, refers to the number of bits processed or transferred in a given time. Higher the bitrate, the less compressed the content looks on the screen, provided the processor is able to support processing the higher bitrates.

YouTube, which has a gigantic video database of over 800 million videos often resorts to reducing the bitrate with strict bandwidth management to prevent its servers from crashing, which is why the default quality is often set at 480p on the platform. Users can change it to up to 2160p depending on the internet speed and device type.

However, with lower bitrates, fast moving videos or those with smaller elements often appear pixelated or blurry. That’s what the YouTube 1080p Premium setting is looking to solve.

YouTube 1080p Premium Being Tested on Android and Google TV

After keeping it exclusive to iOS users of YouTube premium, Google is gearing up to deploy the enhanced bitrate to a wider set of devices including Android smartphones and smart TVs. Screenshots shared on Reddit show the feature is being tested on the YouTube app for Android and Google TV with users seeing the YouTube 1080p Premium option along with the standard 1080p resolution. Google is also offering an explainer to explain what the whole deal about it is.

The feature is being rolled out to a select few users even if they are not on the premium plan, but it does urge users to upgrade to the premium subscription, if they haven’t already.

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