YouTube Music now lets you ‘Dismiss queue’ after miniplayer redesign

YouTube Music now lets you ‘Dismiss queue’ after miniplayer redesign
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YouTube Music is addressing a big issue with the permanent miniplayer by adding a “Dismiss queue” button. 

The new miniplayer lets you swipe left/right for next/last and up to open the player. As part of this change, YouTube Music removed the ability to swipe down to likely avoid any conflicts with the other gestures. 

This meant you could no longer easily clear your queue without swiping away everything manually. 

Recognizing that this is common user behavior, YouTube Music has added a “Dismiss queue” button to the overflow menu in Now Playing, which is getting ever taller. Its third from the bottom, and would have benefited from being last. This will immediately close the player and note that “Nothing is playing.” 

YouTube Music queue

This button looks to be widely rolled out today, and really should have been made available on day one. 

I’ve mostly gotten used to the new miniplayer and have cut down on accidentally tapping Cast when I just want to play/pause. Meanwhile, being able to swipe to go back is nice.

Meanwhile, YouTube Music is more widely rolling out the redesigned Now Playing screen with Comments and live lyrics, though both have not fully launched.

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