YouTube may soon block you from watching videos with an adblocker

YouTube may soon block you from watching videos with an adblocker
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YouTube is currently testing a feature that limits a user in watching videos when they use an ad blocker to skip ads, and this is a great news for content creators as ad blockers can seriously affect their earnings.

The feature is spotted on the YouTube subreddit, where a Redittor screenshot a pop up that says that he will be limited to watch just three videos if he doesn’t disable his ad blocker, thereafter he will be blocked from watching YouTube videos unless he disables it.

While YouTube ads can be annoying at times, one legit way to eliminate this is to sign up for YouTube Premium, which costs RM17.90/month for a single user, a Family Plan is also available at RM33.90/month and can be shared with 5 additional members, which makes it really affordable if you share the cost.

This isn’t the first time YouTube is tackling such an issue, as it has previously sent a legal threat to popular app YouTube Vanced that results in the app development being shut down, though several alternatives are still available at this time of writing, it probably won’t be long before YouTube makes an update that could entirely disable these apps from visiting the video streaming platform.

Regardless, it is very unethical for one to use ad blockers on YouTube to watch their favorite creators, as every ad view matters to creators and is their source of income when creating content on YouTube, creators will still be paid accordingly when you sign up to YouTube Premium, and there’s no better time than now todo so to enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience.


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