Xiaomi banned from selling, importing phones, & advertising in India.

Delhi High Court has granted ex parte injunction against Xiaomi Mobiles for infringing Ericsson’s Standard Essential Patents (SEPs).

Ericsson India had filed a case against Chinese smartphone maker company – Xiaomi mobiles, in Delhi Court, for infringing company’s technology patents. And an injunction was granted after, Xiaomo did not respond to Ericsson’s legal notices.

According to reports on SpicyIp, These may also be the same orders, which Ericsson had earlier mounted against Micromax, Gionee and Intex; where Micromax now pays a 1% royalty amount of selling price of its device to Ericsson for using the patents. In 2012, Ericsson had also sued Samsung for using its patent technologies for Voice Transmission, touchscreen functions and network efficiency, where Samsung had to pay a fine of $650 million plus royalties to the company.

Ericsson Mobiles has around 35000 mobile technology patents registered with themselves. And as they have invested a lot in research and development in these technologies, it gets a royalty from those companies using the same technology as a return of their investments.

Xiaomi was filed for infringement of 8 such patents. This ban affects the sales and marketing of mobile devices only,not the other accessories like Xiaomi’s Power Bank or other.

The High Court has directed custom officials to stop Xiaomi’s imports and adds that authorities will visit the firm’s offices to ensure the implementation of the Court order. Though, Xiaomi India awaits the official Court order for this ban. But its a serious threat for its market in India, as this company is considering India as its major market. But the good news is that, Flipkart is still selling Xiaomi’s products on their website. Though, Xiaomi has taken down its official website for India.

Xiaomi Mobile is active in India since July 2014, it has made a brand recognizition in the country by its marketting strategies and with help of Flipkart.


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