Xiaoice Launches “GPT Clone Program”

Xiaoice Launches “GPT Clone Program”
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On May 16th, Xiaoice announced the launch of the “GPT Clone Program“. The first batch will recruit 300 people and create their own digital life based on the 3-5 minute videos and personal social network data they provide.

The “clone” is generated using large language models, neural network rendering, and super natural language technology. It will inherit the appearance, voice, and personality of a real person and can engage in real-time interaction. At the same time, a platform will be provided to facilitate the authenticated clone being offered to one’s audience for compensation or free of charge.

Xiaoice stated that it plans to gradually lift restrictions on the number of people and quotas. Currently, the plan is to expand the scale of GPT clone humans to 100,000 people by the end of this year. To register, you can directly contact WeChat AI Xiaoice and say “I want to register for cloning”.

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Xiaoice CEO Li Di stated that Xiaoice’s GPT model was developed and completed half a year ago, and has become the most downloaded open-source large-scale GPT model in Japan.

Over the past few months, Xiaoice has been conducting extensive data collection, training, and compliance security checks to ensure the safety of the “Clone Plan”.

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