Xbox system update includes a refined search experience

Xbox system update includes a refined search experience
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Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox system update with an emphasis on the search experience. The company has completely redesigned the console’s search page, giving it a “sleek new look” complete with gallery-style results, easily identifiable filter categories and an updated navigation interface that relies on the left and right bumpers.

These improvements to search extend beyond simply perusing your game library or even looking for new titles to buy. There is now an option to search on YouTube within the Movies and TV tab, among other new ways to find stuff to watch. Once updated, you can access the refined search experience by tapping the search button on top of the dashboard or by pressing Y on your controller within the console UI.

The system update also brings a new power-saving mode to better integrate with the recently launched ‘carbon aware’ feature. You can now adjust power settings at any time within the settings menu and adjust the active hours, which means the hours you are most likely to be using the console. If you set your active hours to begin at 10AM, for instance, the console will be ready to wake up at that time. Otherwise, it will fully shut down to draw just 0.5 watts instead of 10 to 15 watts.

During active hours, the console will be ready to boot and will be accessible for remote game installs and the like. Once you update, the mode is set to “always active” so make changes to suit your preferences and schedule. The system update is rolling out now to all users. 

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