WordPress blocked in Pakistan

Written by Deepak

Well, Pakistan government has a history of blocking many websites inside its country on the name of National Security or due to blasphemy or inflammatory content. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, Flickr, IMDb have an history of getting banned for a temporary period of time.

This time PTA (Pakistan Telcommuncation Authority) has banned WordPress. WordPress is a blogging platform that hosts millions of blogs all across world.

Wordpress Banned

Users trying to access WordPress are seeing the above message. This ban is currently affecting the official WordPress blogs and blogs which are hosted by WordPress only, but the self hosted blogs are safe and accessible.

It has been stated that this block is related to National Security and somewhat related to Pakistan Day (March 23) will be applicable for two days from now.


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  • Forcing people to LIKE you Facebook page in order to view your website, unless it is a result of bad coding, is a shameful, vile, immoral, and disgusting tactic. If u want to have a loyal following base then fix this issue otherwise people are not going to be spending much of their effort or time on your low quality site.

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