Women’s soccer teams are coming to Football Manager in 2024

Women’s soccer teams are coming to Football Manager in 2024
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Sports Interactive said back in 2021 that it would , its long-running simulation franchise. Now, we have a clearer idea of when that will happen. In that looks at the franchise’s future, SI says it will introduce women’s teams in Football Manager 2025, which is next year’s edition.

The studio initially said it would take a while to bring women’s soccer into the fold as it wanted to offer the same level of depth that it does for the men’s game. Football Manager has an enormous database of tens of thousands of players, each with individual stats, bios, injury history and so on. Not only that, SI had to account for changes to the attribute systems, gender considerations for translations and different league rules when it comes to women’s football.

“The facts are that we’ve made really good progress in many areas, including research, the match engine and translation,” SI studio manager Miles Jacobson wrote. “But there are other areas that haven’t made enough advancements, a lot of which are legal issues. The women’s game deserves to be the best it possibly can be when it is released.”

Alongside the addition of women’s teams, Football Manager 2025 will herald a fundamental shift for the series as SI is moving to the game engine. Jacobson says this will “give us a lot more power graphically, across all formats, alongside powerful user interface tools.” There will be an entirely new UI and “a significantly better looking matchday experience,” while animations are making “a big jump” forward. It’ll take a little longer to transition to Unity on mobile, however.

A project to overhaul the underlying tech of Football Manager has been in the works for several years. The initial aim was to revamp the series with Football Manager 2022, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced SI to take a step back and focus on making sure it could release a new version each year.

Elsewhere, Jacobson acknowledged that while FM23 has reached more than 5 million players (by far the most in the series’ history after SI introduced Apple Arcade and PS5 versions), some of its features weren’t up to scratch. Some of those who play each year’s edition may have also been disappointed by having “fewer new features than normal,” the studio head noted.

However, SI has expanded its team and it’s on track to fully implement FM24‘s new features faster than usual, leaving more time for polish and bug fixes. One of those updates is well overdue: the option to transfer your progress from FM23 and continue where you left off while benefiting from FM24‘s upgrades. Even though SI will move to a new game engine next year, the studio plans to let players take their FM24 saves into FM25 as well.

“This is especially good for those playing via and Apple Arcade who, by subscribing to those platforms, would lose access to their career shortly after the new game is released,” Jacobson wrote. “This has been unavoidable to date due to the expiry of our licenses which require us to remove titles from platforms upon conclusion. We’re still working out the finer details with the platform holders, but the idea is that you’ll be able to seamlessly move from FM23 to FM24 on those platforms and continue your save or start a new one.”

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