Why does Acer believe in 3D displays on gaming laptops when others don’t?

Why does Acer believe in 3D displays on gaming laptops when others don’t?
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At COMPUTEX 2023, Acer has showcased several new products at its booth, but one particular area that truly caught our eye was its SpatialLabs demo area, where show visitors can experience how 3D gaming can work for them on a laptop screen and even on a panoramic display setup.

While 3D displays aren’t new, there has been a low adoption rate due to the lack of content and support from developers, however Acer believes that isn’t the case and has introduced SpatialLabs 3D displays onto its Predator gaming laptops, which is why we had a talk with Jane Hsu, Head of Business Development for Spatial Computing Product Business Unit at Acer, on why the company believes it is the right time to do so.

According to Jane, Acer is always on the lookout for the best display technologies to be equipped with their products, while 3D displays certainly isn’t new in the market, most devices weren’t able to deliver the best 3D display experience as they lack the processing and graphics power to do so, not to mention that you will need to wear a pair of stereoscopic glasses in order to immerse in 3D content previously.

The13th Gen Intel Core H processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series Laptop GPU are key to delivering great gaming performance, coupled with SpatialLabs 3D displays, it enables gamers to experience lag free and clear 3D without wearing glasses, giving it a SciFi feel that we have always seen in movies and ultimately delivering a more immersive gaming experience.

Acer is also committed to work with game developers on making their games compatible on Predator gaming laptops with SpatialLabs 3D displays, while Jane also welcomes the competition to expand the use case of 3D displays while the company spearheads the effort.

Last but not least, Jane says that the company isn’t giving up on other displays technologies such as VR, AR and MR,  Acer is committed and always on the look out for the best technology that’s proven to be reliable before releasing to the market, and we can look forward to more gaming laptops with SpatialLabs 3D displays in the near future.


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