Whatsapp Voice Call images leaked

Whatsapp is in news since Facebook acquired it, and we did see lot of changes in the app like last seen visibility, read notifier, encryption for messages, Multiple admins for groups and more.
In February 2014, Whatsapp did announced to roll-out Voice Calling feature for its users, which would be completely free. And its gonna be a tough competitor to companies like Viber, Skype, Line and more.

A Netherlands based technology called Android World has published leaked screenshots of Whatsapp’s Calling feature, which is currently being tested among employees. You may find Whatsapp call folder in Whatsapp directory of your phone, which is available there since last few updates.


The screenshot shows new screens with a New Call button on top, which allow user to make call to Whatsapp user, view call logs separate from the main chat window.

With this voice call support, we may expect features like voice mail, call recording, mute call, use Whatsapp chat as well Whatsapp call at the same moment or just to switch the call directly to chat mode with or without hanging up the ongoing call, Bluetooth headset.

Though this feature has been delayed until first quarter of 2015, which was earlier planned to be launched in October 2014.
In stats, Whatsapp had around 600 million+ active users in August 2014, where 70 million users were from India.

Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging application all over the world because of its cross-platform availability, file-transfer service, compression and more.
Whatsapp usage in India has boosted due to in-house issues like TRAI limiting the sms count per user to 200 messages per day and mobile operators charging extra over sending SMS’s through mobile network.

Though, recently mobile operators in India & TRAI had tried to restrict usage of communication/messaging applications like Skype, Whatapp, Hike, We-chat and more, but glad they failed.

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