Whatsapp starts rolling out Voice Calling feature.

Written by Deepak

Its being reported that, some of the users have received the Whatsapp update, which allows them to make calls using Whatsapp mobile app. Previously we reported about Whatsapp’s voice calling feature image leaks, and seems like, it has started rolling out.

This feature has not been yet made available in Android Playstore to iOS appstore.
But reports say that, the latest build(2.11.508) downloaded from Whatsapp’s Official site, has this feature . As this feature is still in beta mode, not everyone who downloads and install this latest build will get the new feature.

At this moment its working as a invite system, Users can only get this feature enabled, if they receive a call from someone who is already using this Voice feature on their device.

A reddit user – Pradnesh Patil, posted the screenshots of the Whatsapp’s voice calling feature and said,

Its like an invite thing, where a person with the call feature needs to “call” another person who wants to start using the feature, it only appears to work for people running Lollipop 5.0.x on a Nexus 5 phone.

Screenshots shared by Pradnesh on reddit

Screenshots shared by Pradnesh on reddit

We tried getting the latest apk from the website, but didn’t got this feature in the build. Lets hope, it gets official soon and is made available to everyone.
We’ll update you more on this, as soon as we get some details.

Voice calling applications aren’t new, apps like Viber, Skype, Line, Hike even support VoIP. But as Whatsapp has highest user count in social messaging application, it gives a tough for its competitors.

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