Whatsapp for Web goes live. – Access it from desktop browser now.

Whatsapp did had a big day today, the day started with removing complete support for third-party apps by banning users for a temporary period of time and ended with a support for a completely new platform.

If you are an Android, Windows or Blackberry user, you can access Whatsapp from your web-browser now. Bad news for iOS users, you’ll need a wait for some time due to Apple platform limitations.
To make it run on web, you do need to have an active connection on your mobile device to keep the Whatsapp connection ON. Latest version of Whatsapp on your mobile device and a Google Chrome web-browser.


Currently, Whatsapp Web only works in Google Chrome


The web-client mirrors your conversations from your mobile devices to web-browser. And yes, the message stay on both the devices, i.e. browser as well mobile device. The web client is build on Google’s Material design concept and it does bring some great user experience on the desktop.

Good thing, that it notifies you on mobile as well, that new Whatsapp conversation has arrived, but as soon as it mirrors it on the desktop, the mobile notification is hidden automatically. You can send photos, other files, click photo using your desktop Camera and even send audio conversations if you have your microphone in working condition.


To begin, you need to have the latest version of Whatsapp mobile app. And later on, go to and follow the steps mentioned on this webpage to pair your Whatsapp, where you need to scan the QR code from your mobile device.

So, what are you waiting for? Access Whatsapp from every platform now.

Download the latest Whatsapp version from here: Official site

Whatsapp Web

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